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How to Promote Your Online Store Using Social Media


You simply can’t get ahead in the world of business if a wider audience isn’t aware of you, the products you sell and services you offer. A lot of shoppers nowadays will find most of their information through the noble tradition of internet searches and quick browsing. In recent years, more and more soccer moms, old school salt of the earth dads and pensioners have started using social networks because it makes their life easier. They get most of their information on their chose social network, including news, shopping opportunities and companies and stores they wish to purchase from. It is therefore important to promote your store through some of these popular social media platforms listed below.


Step one is quite simple – just set up a profile, and use a professional-looking picture. Customize the page in such a way that it reflects the basic color theme used in your company logo, or the homepage of your official website. This way your brand stays recognizable and it is easier for people to remember you if they associate your company’s name with a specific image. When starting of it advisable that you invite your staff, close associates, regular customers, friends and family to follow you. Feel free to browse around and look for people that work in the same niche, well-known big companies and people with a broad interest in the field so you can follow the ones that look serious enough. Be sure to have regular posts, but stay away from boring old lines about the day to day grind in the office – try and provide your followers with useful information, especially focusing on any updates or relevant information on existing items, i.e. sales and special offers. To see how this works in real business visit bmw parts online store.


The Facebook interface is quite a bit more interactive than Twitter’s, so you will have to use your imagination and apply some more creativity. If you are not a very creative or you simply don’t know what to do, hire someone experienced or try looking at other pages regarding various businesses to get inspiration. What you generally need to do is to create a fan page and add a bunch of pictures. Make several folders – one for your company offices, one for your team, one for the different products you offer and so on. A good approach is to make your company seem more like a family. Some “behind the scenes” pictures of you and your staff with the products, hanging out in a bar and relaxing on breaks in the office will help you give off that familiar feeling of joyfulness and human bonding. This makes you seem more accessible, and people will comment on the pictures and ask about the products in an attempt to get information straight from the source. Try and answer some of the questions posed in the comments and post regular updates regarding useful information.

Google +

The best thing about this social network is that you can create social circles regarding a specific niche and promote your business to people who are interested, so you don’t have to waste your time with people who aren’t. The drill is similar to that described for Facebook, posting pictures and useful information, articles detailing some aspects of the field you are in, etc. However one very useful feature of Google + is the Hangout where multiple users can chat together, so you can use this to your advantage and answer questions about your company face to face with the customer. It is a great way to get quick feedback and once again, a great way to get more personal with the clients and inspire brand loyalty.


Create a YouTube account that will be devoted specifically to your company and the products and services you offer. Post videos of your products in action, footage from various shows and conventions you attend, some interview-style videos where you answer questions from users and so on. A good example of an effective YouTube presence is the Cold Steel knife company which has a multitude of videos describing the locking mechanism on their knife, videos of their knives in action and even videos of martial arts training using their training products. This is an easy, straightforward way to connect with the customers.

Once you get a hang of it, advertising on social networks becomes more of a hobby than a chore. If you spread out on several social networks, have a user friendly website that includes a blog and news section that your profile link to, you will reap the benefits pretty soon.

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