How to Make the Right Decision in Skill Based Games


Gaming is booming around us with over 2.6 million apps on the Play Store. To play these games right, you don’t just need the right device, but also the clarity in your mind on how to play this right. So, let’s get you started and see how to make the right decisions when it comes to skill based games.


One misconception in digital skill based games are around assumptions. Players assume what the next move would be like, or how their opponent is going to go about his gameplay. This can be one of the biggest mistakes you make. As the name suggests, skill games require focus and building a strategy on your end. The foremost thing to understand is how is the game moving along. Think of this like a battlefield game. You know you’ll be attacked, but you are not sure which direction your opponent is going to come from. What you do is observe the open points from where there’s a possibility of getting attacked. You need to make a defense mechanism around this.

When you are into games that are completely skill based, then assumptions will make you lose it. To be on the winning side, plan it right and understand what the game is really expecting out of you. We are of course not talking about the game rules, but the moves that make or break a game.


When we talk about making the right decisions, many times our emotions get intertwined in it. Let’s take an example. You make a move and out of nowhere, your opponent attacks you. In the heat of the moment, you attack your opponent and make your position vulnerable. At this point of time, your decision is due to the rage or frustration you feel. If you keep your emotions away from your decision, you would see that it was not the best of moves. In skill based games, there is no luck helping you out. Even one wrong move can completely spoil the game for you. Maintaining your calm and not letting your emotions override your decisions is imperative in these types of games.

Quick Turn Around

There are many games that replicate the real world. You need to make decisions in a split of a second. These games demand you to think fast and your effective decision will decide the course of the game. Even though the games are designed for entertainment, it is when the thinking buttons are triggered that the real excitement comes along.

Using probabilities to make decisions help games measure how the game is progressing and how he can reach the winning point quickly. What happens here is that the brain collects small amounts of visual and auditory data, finally coming to a decision. Action games like Call of Duty and Medal of Honor require the player to make split second decisions, after understanding the situation around them.

Decision Making

Most of the decision making games fall into three broad categories, games of skill, games of strategy and games of chance. All these three types of games offer players an environment where they learn and improve their decision making skills.

Let’s take the example of Games of Life. This game gives the players the opportunity to experience life in general and the decisions that we make in life. There are of course other games like rummy card game teen patti, or even Blackjack.

These games bring certain amount of uncertainty with itself. A player can never be quite certain on what kind of cards will be drawn. However, with the right decisions and strategy in place, you can win over these games. What the player learns to manage when going about this game is handling some amount of risk, uncertainty and in certain cases probability as well.

When we talk about decision making, chess is another game that comes to the picture. This is a game that is known to develop and improve a player’s visualizing skills and come up with new winning strategies. This is one game that teaches you to sit calm and come up with better strategies and ideas to win the game. There are different games out there and what each brings on the table is a more planned way to improve your game.


Games are among the most popular forms of entertainment today and what is truly favored are the skill-based games. These games give you the thrill while keeping you in charge of the situation. As you work on your strategy, you get better and better with the game. This is especially important for cash based games like online rummy, where a player has the opportunity to win big cash prizes as he improves on his game. What we can be confident about in the near future is skill games taking the center stage of the country.

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