How To Identify The Right Domain Name For Your Business


Do you have a domain buying strategy?

Buying a domain may seem like a simple task, but there tends to be more involved than just deciding you need a new domain and then buying one. Normally you have an idea of what domain you would like to purchase, something that relates to your brand or your business name, but you must first figure out whether the domain is actually available. The key to buying a new domain is finding available domains.

There are plenty of ways to determine if the domain you are searching for is available or not, it just may take some work! If it’s your first choice, a little research is probably worth it. One of the best ways to start your search is to simply type in the prospective domain directly into the address bar. You could be greeted by any one of the following results:

  1. Developed Webpages. This is not necessarily a deal breaker. It’s easy to assume that the owner is content with their domain and move on, but it’s not necessarily a lost cause. If the site is outdated, the site owner may have just abandoned it leaving it to hang. The expiration date may also be up soon and the owner is just waiting until then to list the domain for sale, so it can’t hurt to get in touch and find out. If you can find contact information, you can contact the owner on your own asking if they would consider selling the domain. There are also multiple domain websites you can contact to make the follow up call with the owner and handle negotiations for you. Needless to say, the presence of a website is not a “no,” it just requires a little more investigating.
  1. Parked Pages. This is great news! A parked page means that someone is selling the domain and the contact information is right there for you. There’s normally a for sale banner at the top of the page indicating that the domain is for sale and you can either click it for more details or call the number provided.


You may also find notices at the top of the page indicating that the domain expired and is pending renewal or deletion, at which point you can still contact the company who owns the name and get more information.

  1. “Error” Pages. These are pages produced by your default search engine indicating that the domain does not exist. Also, positive news for you! This means that the domain name is not registered and you can proceed to an online registrar’s page to get started. The domain you’re looking for has never been used or developed, so you are in luck that you are the first one to pursue the name.

Acquainting yourself with the domaining industry and gaining some background on domain name choices, registrars, and domain listing services are all important steps in choosing a new domain. Preliminary research is necessary when it comes to purchasing a new domain and searching out available domains.

Once you’ve done your own research, you may want a little help! BuyDomains is a great resource for searching for obtainable domains. Not only does the inventory include millions of premium domain names, but the experienced sales team is available to answer any questions you have and help in any way they can so you can find the best domain for your business.

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