How To Get Great Photos At A Concert


Before we begin this article I want to make it clear that I’m not one of those people who lives life through the camera. Like many of you reading this, I too share a contempt for people who go to an amazing concert, or who visit the great pyramids of Giza and then proceed to look up from their digital camera approximately once just to check what time it is. As such then my first tip for you to help you get the most from your concerts is not to do that, and to make sure you also spend some time actually enjoying yourself.

However that said I am also someone who does enjoy a good photo and there’s nothing wrong with getting a couple to remember the event by/make your Facebook friends jealous with. The secret then is to get quality photos rather than a high quantity and that’s what we’ll talk about here.

The Camera
First of all you of course need to have a good camera if you’re going to take great pictures at a concert and this meanwhile also needs to be a great camera that is conducive to this kind of situation. That means you will want it to be very good at picking up light – and this is actually even more important than using a camera that is HD – though megapixel count can help to give it a crisp and detailed look too. The lighting is what creates the atmosphere and with so many lights coming off the stage a flash won’t help you anyway.

The other thing to look out for is a powerful zoom. Getting a good photo from close up is tricky, so the ability to zoom in well is crucial. Finally you should also look into getting a camera that is highly portable (a camera phone can be useful here as you only have to carry one gadget) and please make sure you invest in a lanyard so you don’t drop and smash it.

The Technique
Next you need to time your shot well and get it from a good angle. Taking a photo up close is hard work because you’ll be being pushed and pulled at all angles. Get in to the pit at the front then but don’t fight your way to the front – it would be too close to look good anyway. Important here is to keep a steady hand because blurring is common when you have so much lighting. Now zoom in but not all the way and attempt to get some good atmosphere shots.

You also want to add drama to the photos so this means getting the best angle. If you’re near the front then try to get a low down picture that will make the singer look larger than life, but if you’re lucky enough to get a foot up or are very tall, then try to get a picture involving the crowd so that you capture the actual event as well as just the celebrity. Try to create variation by getting a few different pictures from different angles and during different points in the set, and don’t forget to get pictures of you and your friends too so that the images don’t look like they could be on anyone’s camera.

The author, Sharon Taylor, is very passionate about music. Her career choice also reflect her love for music. She is currently working for Tizzet, a company that helps you get tickets of a sold out concerts without any extra charge

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