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Nearly everyone dreams to have the perfect body and unfortunately it takes lots of work to reach that point. Whether you’re looking for muscle growth or an overall toned body, you must eat healthy and work hard in the gym. Luckily with today’s technology your progress on a daily basis can be tracked with very little effort. There are many smartphone applications that allow you to track your calories and even help you figure out the right exercise routine.

With a small amount of research we’ve found a few iOS and Android applications that will help you reach your goals. These four applications we are about to introduce have helped thousands of people get that “dream body” in under a year.

An application available on iOS that helps CrossFit members track their workouts. CrossFit is an exercise program that many gyms around the United States utilize. The application allows members to keep track of records and share their workout accomplishments on social networking websites.

MyWOD provides calendar and graph methods of viewing tracked progress. Personally, I love that there is an open field to enter the max lifting weight. It’s very accomplishing to watch your progress and see strength improvements over time.

MyFitnessPal Calorie Tracker
Track your calories and meet your goal weight in the matter of months with MyFitnessPal. This application can come very handy because users can simply search for the foods they eat or scan the barcode to add it to today’s meal list. There is a food database exceeding 2 million products, and it’s update daily.

I love MyFitnessPal because it’s available on Android and iOS, along with online. You can track your daily meals from anywhere, even without an internet connection. It’s also very interesting to view the provided graphs where your fats, proteins, and carbohydrate intakes are broken down into percentages.

Also, this application is similar to a social networking website considering you can add friends and look at their progress. MyFitnessPal has determined that users who add friends are more motivated and tend to lose three times more weight.

Anyone serious about gaining muscle should have a copy of iMuscle. It can teach inexperienced weightlifters the different muscles in the body using a three-dimensional touchscreen graphic. Just select a specific muscle group to create a customized workout plan.

As of now iMuscle has over 450 workouts and stretches in its database. You can be granted access to this all for just $1.99 on iOS.

Nike Training Club
Anyone with access to gym equipment should definitely download the Nike Training Club application. It’s like your own free personal trainer that will have you working out daily for between 15 and 45 minutes. After you download the app, you will be prompted to choose your goal: get lean, toned, strong, or focused.

With a database of over 100 workouts you will be given a variety of different exercise programs on a daily basis. Step-by-step instructions and videos are available to watch for those unsure about how to perform certain exercises.

Author Bio: Ryan St. Onge loves to workout in his free time. One of his most recent articles was on cheap laptop bags for women.

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