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Feeling inspired in the kitchen isn’t always an easy task. In the midst or work, kids, running errands, laundry and other household duties finding that extra energy to put into meal preparation can be the straw on the camels back that moves people to ordering a pizza instead of turning to culinary creativity. In spite of the doldrums of everyday life or weather or not you have a passion for food, preparing fresh dishes for you and your family is a wonderful way to de-stress and add an artistic element to your life, feeding the soul. Here are a few tips to get your brain thinking outside the box… of mac’n cheese that is.

1. Subscribe!

Spending a little bit on your favorite food magazine is more then just a splurge, it’s real inspiration. Flipping through pages of lovely food pictures and tantalizing recipes with the bonus of quick meal prep techniques is a great way to find new meals to try. Don’t be intimidated by fancier titles Food and Wine, Bon Apetite and Gourmet magazine aren’t just for chefs!

2. Go Out!

Not to Applebees please! The point of this method of inspiration is to awaken your palete to something new. Pick a country, find a place that serves up authentic fare of that region and then make it your mission to try and recreate some of those dishes at home. If you love Mexican food but rarely step outside of ordering at Taco Bell then trying to slow cooked Carnita’s in your own kitchen will not only improve your dining expierience but will be a way for your family to connect with the way people eat in other parts of the world.

3. Cook Seasonal! 

Knowing what’s in season in your region can help narrow your options down to using produce that is at it’s best. If peaches are in season try some grilled salmon with peach salsa, if your garden or a friends is bursting with tomatoes give fresh roasted tomato soup a go. Working with seasonal produce can inspire you to find new ways of using what is available and your food will taste better! Using produce at it’s peak will bring out the best in your dishes.

4. Don’t Cook Alone! 

Getting your family and friends involved can give you something to look forward to and use mealtimes as a way to connect with the people you love. Get idea’s from your children or cook through a classic cookbook with friends.

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