How To Put Vendor Management Software For Your Business


Vendor management software (VMS), which may also be referred to as vendor management system, is a type of application that is more often than not web-based and designed to help companies track all activities performed by their employees and third parties in relation to the products and services supplied to the company. If you are worried about access to your business’ vendor management software appropriate expertsmay help ensure that the right people in your company gain the appropriate type of access to the system.

What Can Vendor Management Software Do?
Before you start talking to an expert on phones about improving mobile access to your company’s VMS, you should first be clear about exactly what this type of application can do. It would be an unfortunate thing if your VMS comes with enhanced mobile access but is poor in terms of functionality.

Here are just a few examples of what a VMS can do for your business.

  • Procure temporary, freelance, or contractual-based professionals
  • Manage all non-regular professionals working with or for the company
  • Manage and monitor order distribution
  • Consolidate billing for regular and non-regular employees and third parties involved with the company

Before improving mobile and Internet access to your VMS, do make sure that the existing version of your vendor management software is indeed sufficient for your needs. Come up with a list of potential and current problem areas related to vendor management then determine how improvements to your VMS may address them effectively.

What a Cell Phone Expert  Can Do with YourVMS
Now that you have the best possible version of vendor management software for your business, it’s time to work onimproving its mobile access.

  • Make a list of individuals who should have access to your company’s VMS.
  • Group individuals according to the type or level of access they can enjoy.
  • Define additional parameters for each group such as whether they’re allowed to input or edit entries or if certain groups are only allowed restricted viewing of the application.
  • Ensure that the application may work on different platforms, browsers, and operating systems. At the very least, be sure that your application is accessible and fully functional for the following:
  1. iOS for Apple
  2. Android from Google
  3. Windows from Microsoft
  4. Mac for Apple

Keeping Your Vendor Management Software Secure

With great access comes great security risk – more so than you probably had to deal with in the past. As such, the security measures for your VMS should also be updated accordingly.

  • Protection against viruses and all other forms of malware
  • Encrypted backups
  • Password-protected logins and other security checks prior to providing access
  • Secure platforms especially for transactions that deal with sensitive data and exchange of money
  • Fully and instantly upgradable software security

Make sure that you speak with the right person with right expertiseso that additional security checks may also be installed in the individual mobile devices used by your non-regular and regular employees. Lastly, don’t forget to regularly monitor the performance of your business’ vendor management software and perform changes accordingly.

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Krystine Joy sitjar is a Tech enthusiast and a freelance blogger. She wants to blog on tech topics and sleeps a lot on her idle time.

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