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Experience Faster Internet on iPhone, and iDevices!!


Intersections, and Faster iPhone internet:

A while back, I came across this awesome book called, “Medici Code“,  it talked about how creativity happens at the places where lot of domains interact, he called them “Intersections“. Now what does it have to do with Faster Internet Access on your iDevices? Everything.

Weakest Link in the Chain:

OLPC: XO internet access
OLPC: XO internet access (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To make a picture in your mind about Internet, you have to think of one word, “Network”, and when you access internet from any device, it comes down to weakest link in your chain. And with a small Tweak you can get Faster iPhone Internet, even in areas of low speed internet.

How it Works:

Step 1.
Download Namebench

Step 2.
Test it on your Mac, to find out the fastest DNS.

Step 3.

Key in that DNS in iPhone Wi-Fi Networks. This would configure you for Faster iPhone Internet. If you have any questions, or might face problem in doing so, drop me a line, and i would love to walk you through the process.


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