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Cloud based computing is a major term used in the world based on Information technology. Information Technology is changing the way things work –  from making things available at the other end of the world right to our doorstep for making business scenario easier and quicker. A cloud based software- a major innovation of IT is a platform which is able to make things that would normally be stored locally on one’s computer to be moved to an online storage facility.


Why should cloud computing affect us?

It is simply because it increases the capacities of businesses without investing in new infrastructure. It also does not need to train new personnel or invest otherwise. One cloud business software; is enough to solve all increasing of capability related issues.

While there are a number of cloud based software available in the market, the one that users need should be secure as well as easy to use so that no investment on training is required. Weclapp is a company dealing in business software. The Weclapp Business Software is easy to use;  does not need any software download; can be accessed anywhere, even from one’s mobile on the go; and also has certified security giving users complete assurance that their data is protected from unauthorized access.

The Weclapp Business Software has a number of offshoots.

These include:

  • Contract management: The contract management software is best for monitoring time periods, reporting, dealing with access permissions, as well as document management and archive contracts.
  • Project management: This software is for users to deal with task management, timesheets and multi- project management. It also provides additional features like cost management and online calendar to keep track of a number of data and instances.
  • ERP: is software again widely used in the top companies of the world. Able to provide communication between the employees as well as management and making each part of the running of an organization easier and faster.
  • CRM: This is software designed for dealing with the client side like customer management, sales control, campaign management as well as sales control.
  • Helpdesk: is software for dealing with clients. A good help desk enables a company to get better feedback and hence improve. It has an integrated web portal to help the customers, error tickets as well as email templates.
  • Last but not the least, mobile device management and Organizer are also provided. These help a company to run smoothly without relying on human resources for management of meeting, to-dos etc.

The Weclapp Business software supports all cloud computing features like Software as a service (SaaS) and is secure and certified to enable users to take advantage of this wonderful software without any threat to the security of their data. It is also easily integrated into the present systems and is easy to use. Moreover, Weclapp offers one the flexibility to choose the services for whatever duration it is required- less or more. Being reliable and suitable for big as well as small business, Weclapp is the perfect choice for all businesses.

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