Magento eBay – Just One Of The Features That Makes Magento Software A Leader


Way back in 2008, Magento was launched as an open source e-commerce web application by a company called Varien. The company went on to become Magento Inc. And such was its success that it attracted the attention of a company called eBay, which made an investment and picked up 49% ownership of Magento Inc. This was the year 2011. A few months later, eBay picked up 100% ownership of Magento Inc. All this meant that eBay had an amazingly strong platform to boost its e-commerce operations. Magento has certainly provided a huge boost to eBay operations since it surpassed the mark of 4 million downloads as of February 2012.

As far as Magento and eBay goes, Magento has been integrated into X.commerce, which is an open platform business from PayPal and eBay. The integration of Magento into the eBay platform means that the website owner and developer can work towards enabling many features, such as management of product listings, automatic feedback posting as far as buyers or online shoppers are concerned, importing of eBay transactions, and automatic synchronization between details such as prices of products, details of products and stock levels.

These capabilities are delivered quite often through the various extensions that Magento works with. One such extension is the GoMage Feed pro. This software solution comes in Community, Professional and Enterprise editions. The simplest description of the software is that it is a field manager for Magento. It enables the website developer to deliver information about products from the online store to various important search engines like eBay, Amazon, Google Product Search, and so on. Email notifications about generated and uploaded fields and errors, if any, can also be obtained with the help of this software. One of the strongest points is that it can help in providing a permanent URL for search engine services.

It makes for some very interesting reading when one delves into eBay plans for Magento. The open platform, X.Commerce, is meant to offer full spectrum services to merchants. It delivers services such as historical information on pricing, local inventory data, multiple tools for payment, and information on transactions. All this means that retailers have a better understanding of the entire shopping process and are able to use this information for improvement and analysis. Magento empowers merchants to build extremely flexible and customizable online stores.

A software solution like Magento Go is capable of being used by merchants and developers to create extremely unique and flexible online shopping experiences for customers. User friendly interfaces, easier management of bulk orders, and quicker navigation to the products that have been placed on eBay are just some of the features that customers enjoy immensely. At the end of the day, a satisfied customer means more repeat business for any e-commerce website. The Magento eBay combination has delighted many a developer of online stores. This is because Magento comes equipped with almost all the tools that a developer will need to create a modular website for an online shopping experience.

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