Another New LG Smartphone, The Nitro HD, Explodes On The Scene


A new LG smartphone that will be available by the holidays has been seen. It is called the Nitro hd and looks like a tight runner with some other impressive smartphones. Read on to find out more on the LG Nitro here in this informative article.

LG Makes A Bid For The Big Time

LG has been on the sidelines with HTC and Samsung stealing the market share for the most part. But LG was not sleeping. They were coming up with the explosive “Nitro”, which could also be termed the Nitro 4G. It is going to be running on the AT&T carrier with all the features of a regular flagship model.

The Nitro Screen Is Impressive

The first thing to look at is of course the screen of the Nitro. LG did their homework here and brought forth something of an “eye candy” display. It is long, four and half inches long, but is also clear. The pixel count is 1280 by 720, which equals out to 326 pixels per inch, more or less. By comparison the iPhone 4S has exactly the same level of pixels per inch, making the LG Nitro as good as the “retina display”. The LG smartphone also adds AH-IPS. That stands for “Advanced High Performance In Plane Switching”. No, it has nothing to do with aircraft, but it has everything to do with how well the text and graphics can be seen at an angle. The extra viewing angles and screen power will be a treat for those accustomed to the older displays from last year.

Powerful Processing For Quick Performance

Other hardware on the LG Nitro smartphone includes a powerful processor and twenty gigabytes of storage space. LG divided up the memory space between four gigabytes of internal space and an included 16 gigabytes of external room in the form of a flash card. The chip is a top-notch 1.5 gigahertz Scorpion model. This is a dual core chip so as not to drain the battery as fast as older single core models. All this equipment is joined by a generous one gigabyte of RAM, making this handset a quick runner or a good companion for the power smartphone user.

Android Is Running In the LG Nitro

What did LG put into their Nitro in the form of software? Android was chosen for this smartphone. It comes in version 2.3.5 which is also called “Gingerbread” by Google. There is no firm announcement yet that this smartphone will be running Android Ice Cream Sandwich in the future, but it can be expected. The LG Optimus LTE is a dead ringer for this smartphone and it will definitely be getting Ice Cream Sandwich in an update.

The Nitro Runs On 4G Networks

The LG Nitro is going to run the LTE 4G networks at AT&T. AT&T just got through with a failed bid to take over T-Mobile, but the networks plan on working together without needing permission from the FCC. Look for this smartphone to be on the market in a few weeks with a $250 dollar price tag.

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