Every Blog Post You Write Should Be Useful


Content marketing has been a buzzword around the online marketing industry for over a couple of years now. It’ really starting to pick up steam now. A piece of content can be many forms of things like:

  • A blog post (like this very one you’re reading)
  • A video
  • A picture (think Instagram)
  • A podcast
  • An email newsletter
  • Any Mobile applications
  • Any Magazine Article

As you can see there are endless possibilities for creating a piece of content.

For most of our clients we encourage them to create a blog and write informative, educational and useful articles. So this blog post is going to feature how to create great content in the form of blog posts.


Stop Thinking About Yourself and More About Your Prospect

Now most people use their blog to write stuff about their company. Think press releases, bragging about donating to a charity or winning a local award. Does your company do this? If so, your company is being selfish.

You can have all those things on your website. People want to know you’re credible. But don’t have them on your blog.

That’s why you need to shift any blog articles focus to what your prospect wants. They don’t want to hear about how great you are. They want you and your company to solve a problem they have. That’s why they’ve landed on your website.

So in writing a blog post, try and help them solve the problem.

Take our blog. We educate people on our SEO Vancouver service. Our goal is to help people solve their websites poor ranking problems by writing lots of articles on how to do so.

Now you might be thinking, why should we give away all of our secrets? Well the chances are good that this prospect is a business owner and has little knowledge of SEO. They also are running a business and have little time to invest in trying to increase their website rankings.

We feel confident that this person isn’t going to be able to actual help their website. After all, SEO in Vancouver takes a long time.

A Hidden Benefit of Educational Content

Our main goal is to help the business owner identify they have a problem of poor website rankings. From there it’s educating on why that might be.

But the biggest hidden benefit of creating educational and useful content is credibility.

Here’s an example, if you land of two separate company websites and one explains how they work through various blog posts and the other does not, what company are you going to trust?

Yes, the one who has actually writing about how they go about solving your problem.

So go out there and start writing useful content for your website prospects.


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