5 Reasons For Giving Your Employees Company Smartphones


You have to make a lot of investments in your company as a business owner, and one thing that you may be considering is giving your employees smartphones. The cost is going to vary based on the provider, the plan your choose, and other such factors, but it could be significant if you have many employees. Is this a worthwhile investment? You will find that there are a number of reasons why it could be.

1. It Makes Your Employees More Efficient

The old adage says that “time is money,” and it’s absolutely true in virtually every industry. If your workers are more efficient, they can get more done, and the company can earn more. They’ll be able to be efficient when they can work in spare moments on their phone.  For instance, a member of your sales team could work on her next pitch or emailing clients on her phone while waiting in a lobby to meet with a client.  Turning these kinds of wasted moments into productive time helps the phones pay for themselves.

5 Reasons For Giving Your Employees Company Smartphones

2. You Can Always Get in Touch with Employees

When your employees have company phones, no matter where your workers are, on business trips or just at the office, you know that you can get in touch with them at any moment. You never have to waste time waiting to hear back from someone.  You’ll also never have to worry about not having the correct contact info for your employees.

3. They Can Work on the Go

Your employees can work on their Bell Blackberry smartphone from anywhere. They can check their email in an airport lobby or win an auction for a new product in the back seat of a company car. Travel time is no longer dead time when they cannot accomplish anything.  Additionally, they’ll have immediate access to any company info they need.  If a salesperson doesn’t have all the product specs prepared that a client wants, he can easily access his work email and records on his company phone and seal the deal.  In our fast-paced modern world, immediate access to information for your employees just makes sense.

4. It Limits Consumer Confusion

Your employees are going to have to communicate with consumers and other business professionals, and having a separate line for all of that, other than their personal line, can help to avoid confusion. Both sides know instantly that the call is related to work.  This helps your employees to be professional in all their business interactions without problems with mistaking client calls for personal ones. .  Also, while many workers would feel uncomfortable with their personal number being handed out publically, there won’t be any privacy issues by posting work numbers.   You’ll be able to clearly post and identify reliable communication channels for all your employees that clients can use.

5. Apps Replace Many Different Items

A smartphone is a good investment because it replaces so many different items that you would have had to buy in the past. If you look at the phone info and the apps that can be downloaded, you will see that a smartphone functions as a video player, an audio recorder, a terminal for sending and receiving email messages, a drive for document storage, and much more. Modern smartphones are almost as powerful as some computers, and with more apps coming out all of the time, the possibilities are endless.

As you can see, a smartphone is one of the best things that you can buy for your employees. It’s so much more than a phone, and each employee can get far more accomplished with the right mobile device.  With the right tool in hand, your employees will be able to accomplish all you need them to and more.

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