E-TEN Glofiish X610


E-TEN Glofiish X610

The smart phone industry is indeed a very dynamic one. It is constantly evolving and developing over time. This fact is definitely proved by the constant influx of brand new and extraordinary smart phone variants periodically. It seems that the hands of these smart phone manufacturers are always on the move to come up with beautifully crafted smart phones that is sure to make the jaws of the users drop in awe and amazement. One of such smart phones which have been creating such a huge uproar among mobile phone users is the E-TEN Glofiish X610-a revolutionary mobile phone which has been considered as the next big thing.

There are many reasons to rave about this brand new smart phone. It boasts with plenty of top-of-the-line features which give this gadget that functionality that many users like. It has GPS capability. It can also connect to WiFi networks and its Bluetooth feature is also remarkable. Moreover, the X610 includes a QVGA display screen that is sure to make the touch screen fanatics admire its beauty. In addition, it is also endowed with a camera for that quality photos that you like, a port for your microSD card. For the radio fanatics, it has also an application which enables the smart phone to tune in to the radio on the FM band. As to its operating system specifications, it uses the Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional platform and works on a 400MHz CPU and has 64 megabytes of RAM and 128 megabytes of flash Read Only Memory. Further, the X610 comes with an additional stylus, Lithium Ion Battery, universal charger usb cable, stereo ear phones equipped with microphone, a case, a user’s manual, and an installation disk for Microsoft Outlook.

The usual criticism about the X610 is that the life of its battery is relatively low considering the varied functionalities of this product. In addition, its software lacks the necessary coordination which is usually found in other smart phones. One limitation that is quite noticeable in the X610 is that certain essential buttons to navigate the phone are missing. Its capability for video playback is just plain and ordinary. These are the negative comments from most people who have used the X610. They found the product functional but not necessarily remarkable.

In conclusion, this type of smart phone is generally likeable. Its size is its main strength which adds more elegance and class to the phone. However, despite the good things that have been said about the X610, it just does not have enough functionality to make it qualify as a primary phone. Its functionality issues are just too numerous. In addition, it is a bit pricey as compared to the other smart phones in the market. Its price could almost buy an Omnia or iPhone which are undeniably far better than the X610. This is not the type of smart phone that is recommended for those who want a superb smart phone experience as it pales in comparison with the other brands.

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