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Segregating data according to its use enhances accessibility and helps you to increase the efficiency of your Mac; and therefore, it is recommended to partition your hard drive. The inbuilt utility of your Mac, i.e. ‘Disk Utility’ lets you manage partitions on it. With the help of this useful inbuilt tool of Mac, you can create, delete, format, and resize volumes on it. By using the resizing feature of ‘Disk Utility’, you can increase and decrease the size of a volume on your Mac. However, this very efficient and multi-purpose utility of Mac has some limitations and to use any application, it is recommended to know its loop holes as well.

Limitations of ‘Disk Utility’:

With the help of ‘Disk Utility’ you can easily decrease the size of a partition; however, you have to be careful while increasing its size. For increasing the size of a partition or volume, you have to make sure that the volume immediate to this volume has sufficient amount of free space as well as there must be significant amount of free space between these two volumes. In a practical scenario you can think of this condition as if you want to increase the size of a volume, then you may have to delete the volume next to it to make free space. And hence, practically in order to not to lose the data of this deleted volume, you have to take its backup.

Therefore, this is one of the biggest flaws of ‘Disk Utility’. However, on the other hand if you use some efficient non-Apple partition manager tool, then you will not have to check for the position of the available free space on your hard drive, and thus you need not to delete any volume to get free space adjacent to the volume that is to be increased.

Professional partition manager software can:

  • Resizes an existing partition by recognizing the free space without causing any kind of data loss
  • Facilitate you to hide and reveal a partition to make it accessible only by authorized persons
  • Facilitates the feature to roll-back or undo the scheduled changes that you have made
  • Enables you to create the bootable DVD of your Mac, which could be used to perform various partitioning operations on the boot volume of your Mac

A reliable partition manager is the best solution to resize partition on your Mac.

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