Desktop Gadgets That Will Make You An Instant Office Hit


Keepon. Image by: MakerBot Industries

Work got you down in the dumps? Felling frazzled and bored by your dull desk and lack of stress relieving activities?

Well never fear, we have come up with a collection of the best desktop gadgets that will have you feeling calm and happy in no time – and make you the coolest person in the office.

  1. Keepon

If you’ve seen the EDF Energy dancing flame advert, you’ll know just how impossible it is not to smile when you see one of these.

This little robot sits on your desk and whenever he hears music, will boogie on down in his own little way. He also responds to touch, and will move and make sounds when you stroke or tickle him – he even sneezes if you scratch his nose!

Adorable, and simpler than taking a dancing monkey into the office, this will have you and the rest of the office occupied for hours (just don’t tell your boss).

2. Storm OIC Missile Launcher

After that overload of cute from the Keepon, you might need a heavy dose of manliness – and what’s manlier than shooting stuff at your co-workers?

The Storm OIC Missile Launcher plugs into your USB port, and can be controlled by clicking on your computer screen through an image from its built in webcam. You can even operate it remotely from any computer with Skype or Windows Live Messenger, so even if your hiding behind office partition walls, you can still fire away.

It shoots four foam missiles up to 25 feet, so even the other side of the office is not safe. Watch people bow to your reign – fear is a powerful tool…

3. Anti Gravity Platform

Ever wanted to live the sci-fi dream of having your own platform for suspending stuff in mid air? Well dream no longer!

The anti-gravity platform holds whatever you may like in mid air and slowly rotates it using a series of powerful magnets. Whether you want to showcase your latest Avengers action figure or keep your passcard in a safe place, just pop it on top of the central magnetic platform, and plug the base unit in.

It will be the most amazing thing in the office by lightyears.

4. Boogie Board Rip

Like an Etch-A-Sketch but so much cooler, the Boogie Board Rip is essentially a really simple tablet computer that lets you note things down/doodle, and then save the image for later.

You can also plug it into your computer via USB and upload your images as PDFs. So whether you’re composing an after work shopping list, or letting your office crush doodle on it (‘you’re the next Monet, I swear!’) this little gadget is beyond cool.

5. Airzooka

Because you can never have enough things to shoot people with.

We all know how much fun an Airzooka is, (watching the confused look as your boss gets hit in the back with a ball of… nothing?) but convince a few other people to buy them and take it to the next level – lunchtime battles! Again, just don’t tell your boss…

Jasmine Ayres is a bit of an office nerd, and loves anything that will brighten the four of her cubicle up. She blogs for Applied Workplace, a leading supplier of room partitions for business spaces.

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