6 Steps To Successful Infographics


The visual presentation of text makes it all the more interesting and adds on the fun element to reading. It is this unique approach of providing information in an attractive way that makes infographics better than articles and before you know, they go viral in no time, getting you thousands of links within a few hours.

But just because you’ve made an infographic doesn’t mean that it will go viral. You need to put in the required elements that are necessary to make it a success. This is why it makes perfect sense for a reputed SEO reseller company to put in a lot of thought and thorough research into doing everything possible to make their infographic a success, be it researching various statistics for the content or finding out innovative ways to distribute it right, once their infographic is ready.

Here are a few elements of success that are sure to make your infographics go viral in the blink of an eye:

  1. Have A Great Idea – Visualization of data is much more successful than a report or a blog but having an infographic just for the sake of it will not help. You need to get across information and therefore, it should have great content.
  2. Distribute it well – Don’t forget the distribution when you are creating the infographic. You also need to create the plan for distribution. Approach others who have more experience and ask for advice. Or you can look around to see if anyone can publish it. Invite feedback and thank those who revert to you.
  3. Have various Information and Stats Sources – Add statistics to your infographics and give sources for your data. Your research should be an educational piece where you explain the various aspects. It is essential to have many sources and all of them reliable. It would be even better if you could link to the original sites.
  4. Have A Landing Page – Publish the infographics on your landing page. It should be the reference point for people who look for the original source. Provide an HTML code with embedding link and sharing buttons for social networking sites, so that more people will get to know of it.
  5. Have A Plan Of Action – It is essential to have a plan of action. It should be to increase your followers and visibility in marketing circles. Add Twitter and Facebook follow and like buttons on your landing page.
  6. Focus On Visual Appeal – Be creative and focus on making your infographics visually appealing. But the aim should be to get your information across and then work on the visual appeal. Add fonts, colors, background shading, gradients and other such things. Just make sure that you don’t spoil it by overdoing it.

All said and done, as far as possible, have realistic expectation. It was a great idea but is prepared that it may go either way – viral or not viral.

Sarah Clark is a SEO expert and a contributor for the site,

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