Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini


Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini

The Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin mini is elegance and class. A work of beauty for sure. The bigger Zeppelin at $ 800 is more so a work of art. As good as this look iTunes is blamed for the frustration it causes in use.

Features: Compatible with both iPod and iPhone, Synchronizes with the USB and has a PC speaker mode, with 3.5mm aux in.

  • MSRP of $399.95

Pros: Sounds premium quality with charging and synchronizing facilities for iPhone and the iPod. It is the classic B&W look that carries you away.

Cons: Needs constant wiping to avoid the top shelf becoming storage for fingerprints and dust. Temperamental after syncing as it could become unresponsive, with limited device controls.

As you take it out of the box you realize that this baby invites intimacy. It is extremely good looking which is no surprise for a Bowers & Wilkins. Blends well with the iPhone, which looks as if it is hovering above the concave shaped chrome surface of the Zeppelin. Rotating it makes the iPhone Coverflow to go into landscape mode.

The miniature remote is a classy piece too and contains playback controls together with the power button and switch for input. The remote is a vital piece as the minis does not have the input switch which means your Zeppelin is paralyzed if the remote is lost.

Zeppelin speaker docks have always been the leader in its class and this mini is no different. Compared with the Sound Dock Portable form Bose and the Altec Lansing the mini does way better with the highs and the lows. The Dock has been loaded with excellence by B&W.

Wherever you place the Zeppelin mini sound delivery is near perfect. The connoisseur might suggest that performance would be better if the speaker deck is placed in a corner, which helps the rear-facing port as well. The base is heard through rich and full with crispness that can be felt on the high notes. The sound must be commended as excellent, given that it is just a mini.

When describing the performance together with iTunes some hiccups surface on this other wise flawless sound box.


The Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin mini is lovable. The price tag of $400 is comfy too for such passion. When syncing with an iDevice a lover’s quarrel erupts and it is really frustrating. iTunes should really consider researching this an releasing an update so the affair can continue without this frustration. Due to this singular issue some who might love the Zeppelin could end up considering a different iPod syncing dock.

Therefore, look for a good retailer who will not peeve you off if the return policy is actually used. If you can ask for special patience after the syncing exercise, then go arms open wide and get yourself the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin mini

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