Best Gadget Ideas For 21st Birthdays


There are not many 21 year olds who don’t love their gadgets, so these are the perfect gifts if you are feeling a bit stumped for ideas. There are gadgets around to suit everyone and these are constantly being improved so there are always loads to choose from. You only turn 21 once in your life, so it is worth splashing out on your 21st birthday gifts to get something they will truly love. If you need some help in picking your gift, these ideas may help you on your way.

iPhone 5
A new addition to the iPhone legacy, the iPhone 5 is the perfect gift for a 21st birthday. People were queuing in their droves for this new release, so you can bet it is worth the money. You can buy it outright if you want the recipient to be able to choose the way they pay for it or you can get it on a contract for a less expensive option. The iPhone 5 has a sleeker appearance than previous models and a whole heap of new applications to indulge in. As most 21 year olds are permanently attached to their mobiles, you can pretty much guarantee that this will be a gift they will appreciate.

The iPad is another favourite when it comes to gadgets as it offers everything you can expect from a laptop, but in a much more compact format. The iPad is a popular addition by Apple and is a firm favourite amongst the youngsters. These are ideal for watching programmes, playing games and pretty much everything else you want to do. The great thing about the iPad is that you can take it everywhere with you, making it a great travel companion. You can find cheaper alternatives than the one from Apple if you have a smaller budget to work with for your 21st birthday gifts. This will put a smile on anyone’s face and you will be sure to be a favourite for years to come with this gift.

It will bring even the dullest television programmes to life and will give you the whole cinema theatre experience, without having to leave the comfort of your home. The 3D TV is a must have purchase for any 21 year old and will the perfect gift if you want to make someone special very happy. There are lots of different makes and models to choose from with 3D TV’s, so you can buy one to suit your budget. If the person you are buying for loves their movies, they will be all the better with this type of television.

PlayStation 3
A particular favourite with the male population, the PlayStation 3 is a much loved game console and the newer version is set to be even better and sleeker. As the perfect gift for a 21st birthday, you can’t really go wrong with this present. There are hours of entertainment to be enjoyed with this console and it is a piece of entertainment that most people will adore. If you are buying the present for your son or partner and want some peace, the PlayStation 3 will ensure you get it.

iPod Touch
Another new addition to the Apple collection, the iPod Touch is the ideal purchase for music lovers everywhere. You can find this in all sorts of colours to suit the person you are buying for and they will be sure to take it everywhere with them. It is a great way to listen to music in the gym, rather than carrying around a bulky mobile phone. The battery life is really strong on the iPod Touch, so you can easily listen to 40 hours of music without it going flat. As 21st birthday gifts go, this is one which should definitely be considered. Most 21 year olds love their music as much as they love their television, so this is a good alternative if you want to move them away from the box!

There are plenty of choices in gadgets for 21st birthday gifts and each one will be sure to make your loved one very happy.

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