Apps For The Mobile Traveller


Apps For The Mobile Traveller

Whether you are a daily business traveller, a recreational traveller who likes regular trips away and holidays or you’re taking a year out of your studies to go travelling, investing in a smartphone along with some beneficial apps can make arranging and organising your trips much easier.

Let’s take a look at some of the apps available for the mobile travellers that are designed to improve your overall travelling experiences.

Apps for Business Travellers


As a business traveller there are many times when you need to pay for business expenses out of your own pocket, which can be reimbursed at a later time by your employer, or the HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) if you’re self-employed.

Expensify allows you to keep track of all your expenses and includes features for importing credit card purchase history, logging your mileage, logging your cash expenses and capturing receipts through your smartphone camera.

Expensify is free and available on iPhone / iPad, Android, Web OS / Palm and Blackberry.

Wi-Fi Finder

Most smartphones have 3g internet access capabilities, but the connectivity can be very temperamental and very slow at the best of times. Wi-Fi Finder makes finding free or paid hotspots, anywhere in the world, online or offline, very quick and easy. Features include the ability to submit your own free-access hotspots, store you favourite Wi-Fi hotspots, download the entire Wi-Fi directory to access offline and share hotspots with friends and family via social network accounts and email.

Wi-Fi Finder is free and available on iPhone and iPod.

LogMeIn Ignition

This is another very useful app for business travellers, only on this occasion it has a price tag of $30 on it (about £19). This app allows you to securely and remotely access your PC or Mac, from anywhere, on your smartphone or anywhere with a working internet connection. This app is ideal for when you forget to sync important files from your home computer to a USB stick and can often save you from losing a client, losing your job or fluffing a presentation.

LogMeIn is $30 and available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Apps for the Casual Travellers

Taxi Magic (US Only)

Skip the horrendous airport and train station taxi queues by booking a taxi via your smartphone, nationwide. The app is integrated with taxi dispatch systems across a large number of cities in the US, simply text your pickup point and receive confirmation within seconds.

Once your taxi is booked you can also track the taxi’s position, charge the taxi fair to your credit card and save a receipt to claim back any expenses. Taxi Magic is free and available on the iPhone.


This app searches around your current location for every amenity you can think of including banks/ATM’s, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, hotels, theatres, supermarkets, taxi ranks and much more; No more panicking when your petrol light comes on!

AroundMe is free and available on iPhone, iPad and iPod. Please note if you’re on an iPod it will not track your position very accurately due to the devices lack of a GPS system.


This app quickly tracks your current location and provides you with a huge network of weather stations throughout the world. Features include live weather forecasts, covering the next seven days; weather alerts, national weather outlook video, live weather cameras and cached weather forecasts to allow offline viewing.

WeatherBug is a free app, with the option to upgrade to WeatherBug Elite at $0.99, available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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