Android vs. iPhone – What Should You Choose?


If it’s time for you to get into the market for a new smartphone you’ll find yourself presented with two main choices – the iPhone or one of the many phones on Android’s operating system. There are positives to both options, some of which we will look at below to help you come to your final decision.


Better specs on certain models

Although iPhone do offer some cutting edge specifications, Androidphones actually better them with some of their models. The Samsung Galaxy S series now seem to bring in newer technologies before Apple do, as does the HTC X series of phones. If you’re a true tech geek then it is worth checking these out with further comparisons.

Cheaper deals for contracts

It’s fair to say that Apple’s iPhone comes at a premium price point, with most contracts being far more expensive than the comparable Androidchoices. You are likely to find some of the very best mobile phone deals by choosing Android – potentially with a few hundred pounds saved over the course of your 24-month contract.

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Wider choice of phones

Google’s Android operating system is run on a wide variety of phones made by a number of quality manufacturers. This means that you canchoose a phone to suit you; if you like a big screen then go for something like the Samsung Galaxy Note, while there are also a number of cheaper, more basic Android phones if you want to spend a bit less money.

Not tied to Apple’s apps

One disadvantage of the iPhone is that its users often complain about feeling ‘tied’ into Apple once they have got their first iPhone due to the Apps they have bought not being transferable to different types of devices. With the wider range of Android phones on offer however, this gives you a greater sense of freedom if you wish to change or upgrade.


Get apps before anyone else

Most Apps will be developed for use on Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads way before Android handsets. This means you can try out new experiences before anyone else and know that that these Apps will work perfectly from the outset.

A premium feel

It’s true that iPhones are more expensive but there is definitely a reason for this. Apple’s devices have a real premium feel to them; with a glass case rather than plastic which you get on many popular Android handsets. It’s fair to say that the extra cost is justified by the quality they offer.

Tried and tested

iPhones were the very first smartphones to come to the market and have already been launched over and over again, with constant improvements coming each year. Their popularity speaks for itself with a very loyal customer base. This means that you can feel safe in the knowledge thatyou are going to make a good purchase.

About the author

Lily Coates is a technology enthusiast who won’t have the same phone for more than a year at a time. She always looks for the best mobile phone deals online when it comes to upgrading. She has owned both Android andiPhone devices and loves both choices.


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