Activate Your Cigarette Instead of Lighting it up


The future is now – technology can be pretty amazing these days and we almost can’t live without it. The days when we made do without mobile phones seem to be taken from another life; we couldn’t imagine living without them. How about we let technology help us once more and have it give us something to help us replace those awful cigarettes or just quit altogether? Electronic cigarettes are the cigarettes of the future, that’s for sure. They’re completely harmless, they provide us with nicotine and they look just like the real deal.

Let’s take a quick look at the mechanism inside these devices and see why they are so popular. The filter is called a cartridge on an electronic cigarette – it holds all the liquid nicotine and the flavorings. You can choose to start with a high level of nicotine and then lower until it suits your desire. You can even choose to have no nicotine at all! Add different flavorings to your cigarette: cherry, menthol and even the classic tobacco. The so-called brain of the cigarette is a microprocessor that works with an atomizer so that each time you draw from your electronic cigarette, a small coil heats up and the liquid inside the cartridge and turns it to vapor. You inhale the cool vapor and through it nicotine gets delivered to your body. It really is a simple mechanism and it is powered by a rechargeable battery that you’ll need to recycle once it dies.

There are some models of cigarettes that incorporate the atomizer inside the cartridge – and every time you change it, you get a brand-new cigarette. An LED light turns on when you inhale so that it looks like your electronic cigarette is really burning. Once you stop inhaling, the cigarette automatically turns off and you can place it back in your pocket. Experts advise that you identify the best brand on the market, one that is both affordable and suits your lifestyle and tastes. You can now benefit from a discount on these gadgets, through the use of a V2 Cigs coupon code 20, even.

This new way of smoking, or vaping, as it is called, is the modern way to enjoy a cigarette. Who knows, maybe in a few years they will completely replace the old cigarettes? Until then, enjoy puffing away on one of these cigarettes in restaurant, planes, at school and at home without worrying about the smoke and the damage it causes your lungs. No more carcinogenic products, no more ashes, just a great smoking experience. Whether you want to quit or just enjoy this new way of smoking, be sure to give electronic cigarettes a chance.

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