7 Awesome Web Tools for Working on The Move


7 Awesome Web Tools for Working on The Move

It’s a lot of peoples dream to be able to work on the move – imagine working from a beach in the Caribbean one minute and from a ski chalet in France the next! OK so it might take you a little longer than a minute to get from A to B but you get the point…

Problem is, keeping organised and equipped while constantly moving around can be a bit of an issue. The lack of a fixed office means everything needs to be either taken with you or stored in “the cloud”. Well with the help of these tools it’s not hard to work from anywhere, creating the impression and reaping the benefits of a fixed office!


I absolutely love this tool as it allows you to store all your passwords remotely and securely and will automatically populate forms with your information when logged in. This really is the last password you need to remember! You simply have to add the extension to your browser of choice and optionally (paid) to your phone and your away.

Skype Number

Skype have a brilliant service that provides you with a low-cost local number that will simply ring your Skype account. This means you can create the impression of being based permanently in your town and answer calls for free anywhere in the world! You just need to pay the fee of $18 for three months and you are set to go.

Google Docs

Google docs is incredibly powerful and has tons of features that are too detailed to go into here, but essentially its your full office suite online, meaning you don’t need to pay for expensive office software on multiple PCs and you documents are all stored on your Google account, meaning you can access them on any computer, with no office software installed.

Portable Apps

Portable apps is a great directory of software that can be installed on a USB stick. Incredible I know. You can get your favourite browser, code editor, FTP program, the list goes on! You have to check it out – with a big enough memory stick it would be possible to work entirely without a laptop – just using local internet cafes.


There are free alternatives to GoToMyPC (e.g. VNC) but this is a straightforward solution if you need to access files from your PC. The only real drawback is that unless you have someone at home who can switch it on, you need to leave your pc up and running to connect (obviously!).

Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail allows you to view standard post from anywhere in the world! You Can login and view a scanned copy of your mail, meaning you can decide what needs to be done with it without opening anything yourself!

Google Calender

Keeping organised is essential and Google calender is a great way of doing so. It can sync with your phone and you can do other cool things like share it with colleagues or family who need to know your schedule. Best part is of course you can always get to it where there’s a web connection.

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