7 Android Apps To Manage Your Health


Getting fit and losing weight is easier than ever with a Smartphone

7 Android Apps To Manage Your HealthAs technology advances the task of getting fit and losing weight is becoming more manageable. One of the newest innovations in fitness and health is the development of applications for smartphones. Google’s Android mobile operating system is fast becoming the most popular choice and Google’s Android Market is full of great applications to help you get fit. Here is our round-up of the best apps available on Android.


CardioTrainer is a great application, and very simple. It uses the built-in GPS to track your movement and measures the time you have been exercising. With this information it provides you with a map of your route, the distance you travelled and how many calories you have burned in the process.

Cardio Trainer can be configured to save battery life too, for example if you are cycling fast you may want a 10 second GPS update whereas if you are going for a long walk a 60 second GPS update will be adequate to trace your route.

Cardio Trainer saves your workouts so that you can monitor your progress. There is also an option to share your workout on Facebook at the end.


Jefit is a weight training application. It provides bodybuilding workout plans and allows you to log your progress. It is supported by a good website with a forum where you can seek further advice on training.

There are many user submitted fitness routines too which mean that you can always find something new to try. The exercise database is organised by muscle so that you can quickly learn new exercises to training specific muscles.

The website and application are free to use although there is a premium version with even more features.


LiftPro2 is another strength and fitness workout app. You can create customized logs to track and manage your workouts and provides support for both strength training and cardio training.


WeightPad simply helps you to monitor your weight which is great if you are on a weight loss plan. You can set targets and it will also automatically calculate your BMI once you have input your height.

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

Counting calories really is important when you are losing weight. For some reason many people will try to convince you that is it not about the calories – it really is though. This app will help your monitor the amount you are eating, and this in itself can encourage you to eat less. It has over 600,000 foods on the database to make tracking your diet easy.

Healthy Recipes

Why buy a new recipe book when there are so many recipes online? Why go online when you can download an app and have great recipes at hand all the time? This app not only stores recipes but also nutrition information.

Daily AB Workout

This simple app gives you a daily abdominal workout. Although to get fit and lose weight you need to work your whole body, working to core is still a good way to get toned. This app will send you a new workout every day to help increase the variety and therefore quality of your ab workouts.

Smartphones are making our lives easier in so many ways. All of these apps can be found through the Android Market on your phone.

If you combine a few of these apps with a healthy diet and regular fitness workouts you will soon start to lose weight and get fit if you use some apps to plan and log your progress.

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