5 Ways To Plan Ahead For Traffic Using A Weather App


 Traffic is a dreaded no matter where you live. While traffic may be unavoidable, here are a five ways to plan ahead and make it a bit more tolerable and using a weather app to help with the stress.

Mind the Weather: Traffic is heavily dependent on the weather as dangerous conditions can add extra hours on the road. The good news is that there is an android weather apps can now give you an hourly breakdown of weather conditions.


Get the Big Picture: Some of the best weather apps can update you on the weather along your entire route—which is especially handy if you have a long commute or road trip ahead of you.

Stay Informed: Top weather apps for iPhone and Android can also link you to local news and provide alerts of any sudden weather changes. This will help you stay informed of road closures and new traffic developments.

Make Your Schedule: Telecommuting and working from home have become increasingly common and much more acceptable. Consider finding a day where you can work from home and cut out rush hour all together. If you cannot work from home, try scheduling meetings and other events when you know traffic will be tame.

Have Some Fun: Even the best weather apps may leave you stuck in traffic, so scheduling some fun instead of a long commute may be the best way to go. Prime traffic time tends to be between 4pm-7pm, though this will vary depending on where you live. Planning happy hour or a gym session nearby will help you avoid rush hour altogether.

            Traffic is a part of life in most cities, but planning ahead can help avoid delays and unnecessary stress.

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