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Top Tech Degrees That Lead To High-Paying Jobs


Thinking of a career in tech but don’t know what profession to choose? Here’s a short list of some of the highest paying tech jobs on the market today.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Software engineers build programs from scratch for a variety of industries. Many engineers work for large software companies to create, debug, analyze, and update products. Other engineers work on a contract basis for small businesses or provide an extra set of hands on temporary, large-scale projects. Professional software engineers typically have a bachelor’s degree and experience in many different computer programming languages.

Web Development and Design

Web development and design is a hot career and in high demand around the world. Many developers work as freelancers for small businesses or sole proprietors. They also create products and website themes for sale on various websites. Though design and development require two different skill sets, you often find professionals who merge both roles to make themselves more marketable to clients. Developers don’t necessarily need a degree to prove their expertise, but they do need to show a portfolio of past work to demonstrate their abilities.

Database Administration

Database administrators are programmers and information experts that design platforms for digital data collection, storage, and transfer. They are also in charge of database backups, security, troubleshooting, and restoring information. Most database administrators earn an undergraduate degree related to computer programming or software engineering. They can work for software companies, government entities, or any business that collects and analyzes large amounts of information.

Information Systems Management

Information systems managers take data to a whole new level. Not only are they knowledgeable about databases, computer hardware, and software programs, but they are also experts at uncovering trends and patterns to make future projections. They are usually in charge of assessing the technological needs of an organization and making recommendations for upgrades and replacements.

After gaining some years of experience, managers can move up to executive positions and make large-scale decisions that determine the technological direction of an entire organization. Check out the following link to learn more about careers in information systems.

Cyber Security

As the internet expands and becomes more complex, and as more organizations rely on the internet for daily operations, data collection, and data storage, the need for security is ever increasing. Viruses, fraud, and theft are common issues associated with internet hacks and can leave companies and citizens in unfortunate situations.

Cyber security experts typically complete an advanced educational program such as Maryville’s cyber security masters degree program. Graduates of such programs earn jobs in national security, health care, finance, and government. Though such jobs come with a lot of responsibility, cyber security experts are compensated well and respected across industries.

Thinking of a Career in Tech?

If you’re already in a tech field and looking to move around, get some experience under your belt before making a transition. If you’re new to tech or looking to start a brand-new career, consider enrolling in a formal education program to gain background knowledge before diving in head first. Research all your options and position yourself along the path of your long-term goals.

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