5 Things We Do With Our Mobile Phones


Just a few years ago, we were using our phones to make a few phone calls and send a few texts, that was literally the extent of their ability. These days, we use our mobiles for so much more so let’s take a look at what else we now rely on our phones for.

Take Photos

The arrival of the camera phone in the last few years means that many of us ditched the digital cameras and simply upgraded our phones. Not only does the quality of photos taken on devices such as the iPhone and other smartphones rival a standard digital camera, it also means you are ready to snap at any moment without having to lug a separate piece of technology around with you.

Record Videos

Many new phones come complete with sharp video technology, so if you stumble across a moment that deserves to be recorded, all you need to do is whip your phone out. Some of the most remarkable moments in modern history have been recorded on a mobile phone and this technology highlights the fact that anybody at the right (or wrong) place at a pivotal moment has the opportunity to make headlines with their video.

Send Emails

There was nothing more irritating than needing to send a lengthy message to a friend, family member or colleague only to be restricted by our text messaging allowance. The ability to send emails on our mobile phone now means we needn’t worry about keeping it short or sending multiple messages to send the information required to a person, meaning important work correspondence can continue whilst on the move as well as simply sending more detailed messages to your friends at any time.


The arrival of the smartphone meant that keeping updated on what our friends and family are doing via social networking sites was a breeze. Lengthy loading times are a thing of the past with a high quality smartphone so logging on to Facebook and Twitter can be done in an instant, allowing you to browse at your leisure whilst on the go.

Listen to Music

Music can now be downloaded directly to our phones so you can listen to that latest tune with ease. It is now simpler than ever to download and store your favourite music on your phone and with capacity bigger than ever, more and more smartphone owners are able to leave the mp3 players behind and simply take a pair of headphones out ready to plug into the phone whenever they want to listen to music.

From sending an email to taking a great snapshot whilst out and about, our mobiles are able to offer us so much more than they ever could before and with mobile technology continuing to evolve, we can only wonder what we will be able to do from our phones in the coming years.

Sophie uses a smartphone for all kinds of tasks and uses to insure her phone, protecting her against the hefty fees associated with repair or replacement in the event of loss, theft or damage.

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