Probook PRBT740 Tablet Review


I bought one of these tablets 3 weeks ago from a local store and decided to write a short review on them. In this article, i will describe the looks of the tablet, specification, overall performance, and the durability of the battery.


These tablets are in a line of cheap tablets produced in India,having installed  the Android Ice Cream distribution in them, they are sold for 60$ one in the TeknoSA store, here in Istanbul. I have seen them being sold cheaper ( the shipping combined with the tablet’s price make more than what i paid here though!). So let’s go with it:


It has two versions, black and white. The black one looks almost like the black iPad, except this one is only 7 inches in screen width. The back part is always in white color though. The looks are smooth and you will be proud to catch the eyes of your friends.


The netbook is pretty performant for a device with 512 MB RAM and a Cortex-A8 core. I was able to switch between different heavy-loading games and listen to music, then read a book (albeit a small one) at the same time.

The thing i didn’t like very much was that the PDF reader was struggling to open and load the pages of my book (5000 pages MySQL Reference). It showed me the loading GIF for hours before i got rid of the ugly sight and be able to read my book.


Price was acceptable (60$ for one), but i am sure i could have bought it much for cheaper if i were close to a distribution center (such as the company that produces them in India), i would eat a baba ganoush in the name of the day i bought this tablet for 20$. I might even resell them if i get cheap shipping, who knows?


Now this is what i did not like at all. The battery under heavy load goes very very fast (probably because of the heating, it burns your god damn fingers).

I expected this tablet to have a bigger battery resistance to heavy load because it showed some promisin performance. We might even go ahead and say that this tablet trades off battery duration for performance. Oh well, i don’t get out of the house much anyway, and i can insert it to the socket to use the electricity from there, but there are users that need to go around the city with the tablet, and even worse, travellers might want a tablet to do stuff in them while long hours of bus travelling or flights.

So, for people that already said “TL;DR”, here it goes:


  • Very good performance for tablets of it’s size and specifications
  • Shiny, elegant look
  • A very good resolution camera embedded
  • Output for HDMI, Supports SD Cards, Has  an USB Hub
  • Pretty much all the applications that you need are installed by default


  • Pretty bad battery life

Overall, a pretty good small tablet to carry around. I would recommend it to users that aren’t doing very heavy workload on their tablets (i.e watching 5-6 hours of MP4 videos etc).

Thanks and happy reading!

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