5 Coolest Watch Gadgets Ever Made


Wrist watches are very popular and there are many designs to choose from. Although a digital design can be purchased, a watch which has a clock face can also be selected. Not only can a watch be on a wrist but a multitude of gadgets. Here are some of the best gadgets ever designed which can be worn on a wrist:

Television Watch

Although a smartphone can be used for watching television, a watch which offers this function is far more convenient because it is highly unlikely that it will be lost. A Television Watch has a 1.5” screen that has a resolution of 280 x 220 pixels. Perfect for busy commuters who don’t want to miss an episode of their favourite show, the Television Watch also has a headphone socket. When commuting on public transport, those who are sitting around the person who is watching TV on this gadget won’t be disturbed. A small LCD screen is also above it which displays the time.

Music Bluetooth Watch

Long ago, a Sony Walkman was how many people listened to their favourite music which had been recorded onto a C90 tape. That is an image resigned to history because music can be played on this brilliant gadget. The Music Bluetooth Watch connects to a phone and alerts someone when there is an incoming call or text message by producing a gentle vibration. A call doesn’t have to be answered because it can be rejected in order to continue listening to music. What track someone listens to can also be changed. This is because there are buttons on the side of the Music Bluetooth Watch which enables the person who is wearing it to skip or pause a song.



Home Theatre Watch

The Home Theatre Watch can play MP3 and MP4 audio files. It can also stream and play video files. If the person who is wearing it wants to look at photographs, they can on the Home Theatre Watch. With 2GB of storage, the Home Theatre Watch is perfect for commuters who don’t want to be bored on long journeys home. They could also look at photographs when travelling to the office.

Activity Technology Watch

If someone wants to be more active or monitor their heart rate whilst doing a strenuous activity such as power walking, they can with the Activity Technology Watch. When out jogging or walking with friends or loved ones, the Activity Technology Watch can display how many calories have been lost and how much distance has been covered. When walking or jogging up a hill, it will calculate calorie loss accordingly. It can also highlight when to take a break.

Observer Watch

As with the Activity Technology Watch, the Observer Watch is designed for those who like to exercise. With a lightweight stainless steel design, the Observer Watch has many tools which can help walkers, runners and hikers alike. It has a digital compass, altimeter and also a thermometer. If a hiker gets lost, they can find where due North is and if the temperature around them has plummeted. With a stylish design, it can also be used underwater at depths of up to 100m. Consequently, a diver can wear the Observer Watch when diving amongst a shipwreck where they can find out if the ocean temperature is too cold.

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