Five Ways To Monetize Your Blog


There are millions of individual bloggers on the web, with all different motives. However, one prevailing desire amongst all webmasters is to profit from their hardwork. The following five tips will help you turn your blog into a solid moneymaker.

1. Google’s Adsense Program

Google’s website advertising program, Adsense, is a free service for all webmasters that allows them to show relevant ads on their site. This program puts advertisements up that correlate to the actual theme of the blog. Webmasters get paid per click on the ads, and depending on the category of the blog, you can generally expect over 50 cents per click.

Obviously this method is more suited for blogs with a large amount of traffic. Usually, about .5% of users click on the ads, so you can expect to make about $1 per one-thousand visitors. This free service from Google works perfectly for bloggers with high traffic and content interested visitors.

2. Find Advertisers to Place Specific Ads on your Site

The internet is flooded with tons of E-commerce sites that are constantly looking for cost effective ways to reach more people. If you have a niche blog, finding a similar niche E-commerce site to advertise on your site would rake in cash.

Offering them a PPM (Pay Per Mili) payment option is the best method for monetizing your blog. They would pay you a set amount per one-thousand visitors to your site. Assuming your specific niche blog has a relevant product that can tie into it, this method of advertising can help you rake in considerable amounts of cash.

Social Media is another way to build a following, which leads to profit!

3. Sell your Own Product

A lot of blogs, with the right amount of traffic, can eventually merge slightly into the E-commerce field. If your blog has a specific product that even slightly relates to the overall theme of the site, you can market the product and gain a substantial amount of sales. If your blog targets a certain loyal audience, the chances are that they will also purchase something from your site.

This monetizing possibility should not be jumped in to right away; however, once you gain a decent following, the option becomes very promising. This method takes quite a bit of extra work to produce your own product and deal with all the marketing and other aspects of direct sales.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Besides selling products directly, affiliate marketing is a perfectly viable option for bloggers who want to make money but deal with little production and sales intricacies. Affiliate marketing in short refers to the sale of a product on your site through another actual product site. For example, if your blog talked about outdoors and camping, you could affiliate market tents and other outdoors products on your blog through Amazon.

Amazon gives you 2% of the final sale price for traffic that you send to their site, so all you have to do is generate the traffic. Affiliate marketing removes all the rough parts of selling a product that E-commerce sites generally deal with. Blogs are perfect for this method because they already have a loyal following of people who are interested in the specific subject matter, so affiliate marketing a related product on the site has a great chance of success.

5. Sell Links from your Site

The internet is so connected and interrelated that simply calling it the “web” seems appropriate, but hardly does it justice. Every site on the internet needs to be linked to tons of other sites in order to gain traffic and even get noticed by the general internet population.

All sites need good backlinks to their site, so their ranking in search engines increases. This process of linkbuilding is part of an overall technique called Search Engine Optimization, which refers to the method of raising your sites rank in search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Webmasters are willing to pay substantial amounts of money for legitimate backlinks and traffic to their site. Not many bloggers realize this fact; however, the ones that do can cash in huge in this high demand market.

Blogs that gain a lot of natural traffic can sell links to other sites that want to gain an authoritative backlink. Companies like Rank Executives have extremely profitable options. They can maximize your earnings from your links by connecting you with relevant buyers interested in text link sponsorships from your website.

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