4 Signs That It's Time For an Online Makeover


Similar to your businesses marketing plan, new ideas for your website should be periodically changed to prevent being labeled as stale. There is no specific timeline that states when a company should update their website, but you may want to make significant changes to maintain a competitive edge in today’s market place. The following are four signs that it’s time for an online makeover.

Search Engine Traffic

Approximately 85 percent of a website’s traffic is generated through a search engine. Monitoring your traffic is necessary in order to generate new business and maintain your current customer fan base. You can look at the pages that are most often looked at and ditch the items that are outdated. Advice from creative professionals, such as 522digital, can help with your sites keyword placements, relevant links, strong descriptions and usage of the necessary ethical practices for the highest ranking in searches.

4 Signs That It's Time For an Online Makeover

New Products or Services

If your business is continuously updating their services or products, your company’s website should reflect the changes. If you sell treats and goodies for dogs, and you add new products, your customer base needs to be notified of this so they can purchase the items. The same can be said with services. If you’re a landscaper, and you add additional services such as snowplowing, the only way you can sell this service is by advertising.

Interesting Topics

Your website’s content should also be updated, especially if you post a blog, articles, newsletters and pictures. Make sure to keep the content fresh and have it pertain to items related with the business. If you’re running out of ideas, keep a pen and paper handy and write down any ideas that come to your mind during the course of your busy day. You may also want to consider opening your blog to guest post opportunities. Not only will you gain fresh content, you will also acquire new traffic to your site due to writers giving their articles ‘social love’ once they are posted.

Posting regular content weekly is much better than 3 articles in a row and then nothing for another month. You may also want to try and post the same time each week. If your material is fresh, exciting and interesting, your followers will make it a habit to check your posts regularly.

Accessibility to Social Media Sites

Social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can raise your user activity and views. As an example, by linking your running gear website to Facebook, the site visits can increase by approximately 500 percent. Today’s social media sites have the capabilities to increase the reliability of your business through the customer’s remarks and comments and help you build a reputable company. It’s also an effective way to generate revenue and raise your customer base. If your website doesn’t have plugin capabilities, you need to add them in. This allows your website to add a variety of social media features such as comments, a recommendations tool bar, logins and more. Poignant pictures that capture an individual’s heart and funny bone are other ways to garner attention through social media.

Your business website holds the key to your success. You can help your company stay on top by replenishing your site with fresh content, deleting old stories, adding the latest social media advances and staying up-to-date with your current products and services.

Understanding the concept of fresh content enables Nadine Swayne to present this article to aid business owners. At 522digital, their online professionals can construct a marketing strategy tailored to your company. They will build and enhance your business brand with creative digital experiences.

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