5 Benefits Of Rackmount Servers


Have you been considering purchasing a rackmount server? Rackmount servers have many benefits and special features that other computers do not have that allow them to run efficiency while taking up very little space. They are ideal for use in both enterprise and industrial/commercial settings. Rackmount servers are extremely secured and durable which will allow your business to remain productive and running efficiently.  Here are 5 of the many benefits of rackmount servers.

1. They Take up Less Space

A rackmount server can take up significantly less space than other servers do. One single rack is capable of holding several servers which are frequently stacked together. They also contain multiple mounting slots known as bays. This makes the device extremely compact and and organized. You won’t have to worry about a rackmount server taking over your home or using up a lot of floor space. You will easily be able to stay organized with a rackmount server.

2. They are Built to Last

There’s a reason why rackmount servers are used so often by industrial businesses — they are built to last. These devices are extremely durable and made to resist corrosion and withstand harsh environments. Some of them even come equipped with ventilation fans that not only prevent them from overheating, but also keep dust from getting into the drives and causing damage. When you buy a rackmount server you can trust that it will last for many years to come.

5 Benefits Of Rackmount Servers

3. They are Powerful

Rackmount servers are extremely powerful. Some of them even come with the option of adding GPUs which make them much faster than using CPUs alone. Many of them also contain high GB storage capabilities and high efficiency power supply. They also often come designed with redundant components and top-notch materials to help eliminate down time, helping businesses to increase their productivity.

4. They Provide Flexibility

It’s easy to find the perfect rackmount server for your current needs because there are always so many to choose from! Rackmount servers readily come available in a multitude of different sizes with several different features. They typically come available in anywhere from 1U-4U sizes. The 1U tend to be a bit thinner allowing more systems to fit in a single rack whereas the higher 4U are usually more cost-efficient and allow for more room for future expansion. Regardless of what your current needs are, you’re guaranteed to fine the perfect rackmount server!

5. They Provide Options for the Future

You can easily start small and work your way up when purchasing a rackmount server. Maybe at the time of purchase you are looking into a more cost-efficient 1U. The 1U rackmount server can easily be built upon and upgraded in the future should your needs change. They offer the ability to upgrade and replace parts to make the device even more powerful and efficient. This is especially great if your project changes and you find you need more power from your rackspace in the future.

Do any of you own a rackmount server? What do you like the best about it?

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