3 Softwares Your Online Company Can’t Do Without


3 Softwares Your Online Company Can't Do WithoutStarting a company with one person is very easy to accomplish using the basic tools available in order to push one’s goals online. But when it is time to communicate with others, whether it is with clients or consumers, there are tools that any company cannot be without. Here are a few tools available for all computer platforms for communicating online: via file sharing, accessing a global audience, or online conferencing.


TweetDeck is the most recommended software for all social networking needs, for businesses and individuals alike. Unlike other Twitter applications, TweetDeck features multiple columns that puts the most used features of Twitter such as Mentions and Lists in one place without waiting for page loads. It also supports Facebook and a growing number of popular social networks, in which status updates can be publish crossed specified networks.


In the event of backing up important files or to send a client a file that is too big to send as an e-mail attachment, DropBox is the solution. Signing up for an account is free for 2 GB of storage space, although paid accounts are available for additional space, or by referring a friend to the service for free storage increases. Files are stored in the user’s box folder and is stored on a Cloud server, where it is also downloaded to other computers with DropBox installed. Not only can files be saved between multiple computers miles away from home, but files can be shared with other select DropBox users and can be access from almost anywhere: from PCs to compatible Smartphones.


With high fuel prices that travelers and transportation companies face, getting to that important meeting is only a click away. Conferencing with Skype is becoming a popular alternative of traveling. With the right computer specifications and perfect high-speed connection, video conferencing is faultless. A webcam is not required for video conferencing, if the user prefers, nor is a microphone as communication can be done via Instant Messaging. However, without either device, the experience of Skyping will be missed. Another feature for one’s Voice Over IP needs is the ability to call landline phones for a fee without the hassles of a telephone company.

For free or for less than a monthly web hosting fee, these are just the sample of what is available that benefits even those who are new to the online business world. Even if it is from 50 to 50,000, this is also the preferred tools used by many large online businesses that were once small.

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