Opera 11 Beta Launched | Tab Stacking Feature Added


Opera 11 beta was released today with the tab stacking feature along with improved performance, customizable extensions support and visual mouse gestures. With tab stacking you can now group related tabs by dragging them on top of the other and stack them into a single tab. The tab stacking feature will make it easier to keep dozens of web pages open, in order and easily accessible.

Opera 11 beta

You can also also surf through rich extensions catalog which will let you customize your Opera as you want. Opera 11 beta also introduces a developer mode and you can test and deploy your own extensions. Mouse gestures got better as well with Opera 11 beta. The additional interface will help a new user learn and use the powerful shortcuts associated with Opera. A safer address field feature will hide longer web addresses and forecast information on the site we are about to visit.

Even more interesting news is that Opera 11 is lighter than Opera 10.6 and you can install it faster. Enhanced HTML5 support, Google search predictions and enhanced browser email are some other added features. Plug-in on demand is a new feature that makes Opera 11 faster as the plug-ins will be loaded only when the user clicks it. With all the new features in the beta version Opera 11 is on the right track to compete against Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Download Opera 11 beta

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