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Everyone has a camera these days. Either on their computer as a webcam (which can take pics); a self-contained digital camera, a video camera that will also take pictures, a Smartphone or you name it. Some of those devices may take great pictures that may not require editing. Many will even include their own software package. Others might need a little help; due to poor image quality or perhaps the image editing app that came with it lacks features that you need to create that really special image result. Maybe you are simply tired of the commonplace and need a little pizzazz in your photos. Well you’ve come to the right place so read on and remember what Rod the Mod said; ‘Every picture tells a story don’t it?’


Photosynth is a really neat app from Microsoft. It is a Windows app that allows you to create an amazing scenic panorama for the iPhone.

Email+ Drawing & Text Photo Editor

Email+ Drawing & text photo editor is a fun app to quickly alter your images with a simple and easy to use interface. It enables you to draw freely on images and that is a pretty nice feature.

The app also lets you add text to your images. If emoticons are your bag then this is the app for you. It gives you a very large assortment of them to play with, 460. Just having those few basic features at your command is really empowering. As noted on the apps web page they will unleash your inner comic genius. Being able to add comic captions to photos will put the world in a better perspective. Become that cartoonist that you were always meant to be. Share some good email with your friends and family and surprise them with a masterpiece of your own making.

Photo Effect Studio

Photo Effect Studio is a splendid little app to iron out all of those details that you want for your image. Be as jazzy as your imagination will permit or let the effects flow from your mind like a soothing river of inspiration.

The tools in this useful app will allow you to get as close to real life as possible. Sometimes the results that you will achieve will even surpass life itself. Because even reality needs help once in a while, you can texturize and overlay to put your creativity in play like never before possible. Go back in time with the monochromatic and vintage effects and relive the black & white era.

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