Hot Air Dryers: Properly Maintain For Efficiency And Safety


There are literally hundreds of industrial uses for hot air dryers. They are integral to the manufacture and construction of items as diverse as simple plastic pellets and laminates to high-end furnace refractories and finer optic wires. Industrial hot air dryers are reliable and durable machines but, in every case, however, their reliability, accuracy and efficiency is significantly dependent upon proper operation and regular maintenance.

Basic Operation

The fuel sources for industrial hot air dryers run the gamut from electricity through steam and hot water to all the fossil fuels. They utilize every type of heating technology including convection, conduction and radiation or any combination of the three. There are also a host of hot air recovery systems to increase the overall efficiency of the machines. Similarly, hot air dryers come in a variety of configurations that include horizontal or vertical access, impingement or flotation throughput and single or batch operation.

Benefits of Maintenance

While an industrial hot air dryer is absolutely essential to many modern day fabrication processes, they do consume a tremendous amount of power to accomplish their tasks. For this reason, it is essential that hot air dryers be maintained properly and kept in the best possible condition. Not only will routine and thorough maintenance prolong the operating life and dependability of a hot air dryer, it will also reduce its operating costs.

Maintenance Essentials

As with any piece of technology, cleanliness is the start of any maintenance program. Clean parts improve reliability, deliver better finished products and increase operating efficiency. Any ancillary ductwork should be also be regularly cleaned. Unrestricted access to adequate ventilation is essential for the proper and efficient operation of any industrial hot air dryer.

The maintenance of the mechanical parts of a hot air dryer will vary with the machine. Impingement dryers have many replaceable parts that wear out depending on usage while through-air dryers merely blow heated air across a substrate or item.

Finally, the calibration of a hot air dryer is essential to minimize repairs, deliver quality products and lower operating costs. While calibration should be conducted on a regular basis independent of maintenance, it should also be performed at the conclusion of any maintenance or overhaul procedure. This step will ensure that the machine is operating within its parameters and that the testing procedure, itself, is also being performed properly.

The Bottom Line

Hot air dryers come in all shapes, sizes and configurations and they can be customized to fit any need. They are, by and large, some of the most durable and dependable machines on the market but they still need proper maintenance. In return, they will provide years of continual service and operate safely and efficiently.

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