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19 Of the Best Analytical Tools Around


19 Of the Best Analytical Tools Around

It is essential to understand that measuring and evaluating visitors of a site helps in knowing what really works, and what does not. Using these 22 analytic elements and tools, you will be able to scrutinize the traffic on your site. In a nutshell, you will know about popular products and posts, and the focus of attention of your visitors and from where they are being referred to your site.

Gauging Website Traffic and Visitor Actions

1.      Google Analytics- Probably the fact that it is free makes it so popular and highly used, despite lagging behind a few hours.

2.      Chart Beat- This monitors the traffic on your site as well as where it comes from and time of arrival and exit. Price pegged at $9.95 – $149.95/month.

3.      Mint- With a one-time $30 license for every site, you get to note visits, referrers, popular pages and searches on your site.

4.      Piwik- It is free and you can have comprehensive reports on the search engines used by your visitors, the keywords they used to visit your site as well as the language they speak.

5.      Fire Click Advanced Warehouse. Depending on size of your website, you pay for a thorough view into the activity of your site, search engine behavior and emails and marketing campaign activities.

6.      GetClicky- For $9.99 a month, you get to see updated activities on your site, snapshots of your own site in recent months or years as well as a Twitter analytics tool via Twitterverse to help you check what the public thinks of your company.

7.      HitsLink- Again, depending on the size of your site, you can analyze traffic patterns in real-time apart from searching for search terms in 300 search engines. You’ll also know about high or low traffic and the visitor navigation paths on your site.

8.      SiteMeter- It could be for free to around $199.95 every month. You can measure the visitor traffic, the sites they are coming from and what piqued their interest.

9.      WebTrends Analytics- Many packages to choose from as regards to cost. You can have complete info about visitor interactions. Measuring site and mobile app activity and client interactions with Face book, are other possibilities.

10.  ComScore Digital Analytix- Get info on visitor demographics, track and measure it. See how visitor interact with your site and content varies according to age and sex. Costs of package vary according to size of site and traffic.

11.  Woopra Traffic, data on your visitor, keyword and search analysis and the live tracking of interaction amongst visitors are offered here.

12.  ClickFox. The real path that was taken by the customers can be checked here using the aggregates and visitor data. Prices vary depending on the site’s size and amount of traffic.

13.  CoreMetrics. A cross-platform analysis instrument that checks on the site traffic, link conversion metrics as well as the Twitter and Face book interaction; the price varies on site’s size and traffic amount.

14.  WebTraffiQ. Online and offline marketing platforms are tracked as a way of evaluating marketing campaign. Get this per package and depending on the size of website and the traffic yielded.

The Best Visual Tracking Tools

  1. Crazy Egg. At $9 – $99/month, have a visual heat map where you’ll see what elements where actually clicked on your page.
  2. ClickHeat-A heat map for free to help you know what the users are really doing on your site.
  3. MouseFlow- It’s not only about the clicks but also about the cursor and scroll movement. Get this for $287/month.
  4. ClickDensity- For site optimization and layout, use to generate a heat map of every page of your site.
  5. ClickTale- Ranging from free to $990/month observe and assess user behavior in real-time through heat maps and visitor sessions.

About the Author: This is a guest post by Neil Jones, Head of Online Marketing For eMobileScan. With 18 sites across Europe they are on track to become one of the largest suppliers of barcode scannes and industrial handheld computers like the newly released Motorola ES400. Specialising if offering companies the tools they need to increase productivity and lower costs.

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