10 Sites to Buy Digital Textbooks Online


10 Sites to Buy Digital Textbooks Online

As per the GOA report, the prices of college textbooks have increased twice as compared to the rate of inflation in the past 20 years.

Students have to squeeze in their budgets and shell out a lot of their hard earned money to buy their textbooks.

With advent of technology new products like Amazon’s Kindle, Nook Reader. Etc have been introduced in the market, there is a new form of textbooks available in the markets now called as E-Textbooks. They are in the digital format and can be read on your PC or the e-book readers mentioned above.

They cost significantly less as compare to the paper textbooks and are eco friendly.

This article tells you about the ten best website available on the internet to buy the textbooks in digital formats and some sites even provide some textbooks free of cost.

Course Smart – They are have 6000-8000 title available on their website and students can save up to $60 per digital textbook when bought from their site.

iChapters – They also have huge number of title available with them, Student have the option of buy some specific chapters or the entire book thru them. The prices start from $1.99.

Zinio – Big list of titles is available thru them. Students can download samples first before going in for the purchase of the digital textbooks.

eCampus – This is very popular website with students offering textbooks in paper formats, used books. Etc. They have recently introduced textbooks in digital formats.

McGraw Hill Bookstore – They have around 1000 titles available in digital format and cost 50% percent less as compared to their paper textbooks.

Books on Board – They don’t have many titles available with them, but it is worth checking out.

Vital Source Bookshelf – They work with wide number of publishers offering the textbooks to students in digital format.

Cafe scribe – They are also offering digital textbooks. But their site is also very providing very innovative features for the students, wherein they can start their own study groups, share notes online with other students.

Project Gutenberg – This website is having the largest number of books available with them in digital format. The students can download their books from this site totally free of charge.

Free Load Press – This site has a large variety of textbooks available to download free of cost. The textbooks are sorted out by title and author. You’ll find the textbooks on virtually any topic.

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