Business and Legal size letterheads, most effective promotional products


Business and Legal size letterheads, most effective promotional products

What is letterhead?

With the evolution of business, term advertising and marketing is being used in broader perspective. Running a business mean adopting various types of advertising techniques. Each and every aspect of marketing is being utilized with zeal and zest. Time has passed when people use simple papers to write. Blank papers have been replaced by letterheads of companies and businesses. Letterhead is piece of paper which carries all basic information about your work. Handing over letterheads to your customers shows your professionalism. In the era of enormous competition you can’t deny the importance of letterheads.

Usually people prefer two types of letterheads for the promotion of their business.

1.       Business letterheads

2.       Legal size or large letterheads

Specifications of both the upper mentioned letterheads are given as follows

Business letterheads

The size of business letterhead is 8.5 x 11 inches. It is a USA standard size of business letterheads. Keeping in view the promotion of business, you need to make your letterheads more eye-catching and impressive for your customers. You can make it appealing when you find a professional printing company for the printing of business letterheads. As orthodox things are vanishing similarly in printing of products, online printing companies are more and more effective. Online printing company offers you the best of its services. When it comes to your business letterheads printing, ask it to use 70 lb paper stock with glossy or mate lamination. Second that needs your concentration is about the layout.  You can print your company logo on top right side and can also use it as a water mark at the centre of letterheads. Mostly online printing company offers you hundreds of fascinating templates on its website. You can choose any one from them.

Legal size letterheads

It is another type of commonly using letterheads. The USA standard size of it is 8.5 x 14 inches. It is slightly bigger than business letterheads, that is why it is also known is large letterheads.

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