Why Your Business Absolutely Requires a Mobile App


Mobile has become an increasingly important part of the business world. In 2010, 297 million smartphones were sold worldwide, out of a total of 1.6 billion total mobile phones. It doesn’t take a mathematician to understand that those numbers are extremely high. As each year passes, those numbers increase, and there really is no end in sight.

Looking for more mind blowing smartphone facts? In 2011, 17.7 billion smartphone apps were downloaded, which is more than double from the 8.2 billion downloaded in 2010. All of those downloads accounted for $15.1 billion revenue for apps in 2011, which is only growing.

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What’s this mean? It means your business, no matter what industry or size, needs an app. And with affordable app development companies like Simplikate based in Miami FL, getting a mobile app for your business has never been easier. If you’re still on the fence about investing in an app for your business, check out these reasons why your business should hop on the app train.

Nonstop Availability

In today’s 24-hour media cycle, the consumer is always connected. Whether the consumer is riding the subway, working out at the gym, or even sitting in a lecture, connection is always there. Having a mobile app means you can connect with the consumer, even when he or she isn’t at the computer.

For instance, having an app lets potential customers browse your inventory in their downtime, even when they’re away from their computer. It can be vital in getting new customers, if your app is designed in a way that draws people back.


Apps are great because they are incredibly easy to use; in some cases they are simpler than websites. Whether it’s an ecommerce store or a service that you offer, designing an app that is simple to use will equal more profits.

People aren’t always at their computers, but they’ve always got their smartphones on them. If your app is easy to use, then people will be using it.

Getting Attention

Did you know that promotional email messages are only read about 4% of the time? Meanwhile, Push notifications on the iPhone are read a whopping 97% of the time. If you have a mobile app, you will be able to get your customer’s attention. It’s as simple as that.

Even text message marketing is largely ignored, but Push notifications are not. That’s usually because the people receiving the messages have already downloaded the app, meaning they show some interest in the notification. It’s a great way to let customers know about different sales or promotions going on.

Hitting Target Markets

With a mobile app, it’s easy to hit the markets that you’re trying to go after. You can develop your app to appeal to whatever market you’re targeting, and get feedback about what you can do better.

It’s even no big deal to develop multiple apps to reach multiple target markets, or one app that branches out across a few markets. The possibilities are essentially endless, and not having a mobile app will mean you’re left in the dust.

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