What is Telecom Technology and How Is It Slowly Shaping the World?


During the earlier times, telecommunication involved the use of smoke signals, beacons, signal flags, and coded drumbeats, among many others. In the modern time, it has evolved to the use of electrical devices like the telephone as well as radio and microwave communications in the form of fiber optics, orbiting satellites, and the internet.

Telecom, our way of communication with the society and the world, has become a very important activity in our daily living today. Several devices and technologies in the form of radio, television, mobile phones, and the internet have allowed us to send messages to practically anyone to any part of the world.

Importance in Social Relationships

Telecom technology plays a very big role in social relationships. Although telephone systems initially emphasized the use of telephones as a way to order home services and conduct business, it was only a matter of time before the social dimensions of such devices became the unifying theme of their promotions. And since then, its importance in staying connected with friends and family has grown increasingly important.

Recently, the growing popularity of social networking websites has dramatically increased. These platforms have allowed people to stay connected with their friends and networks with the use of profiles, events, and photographs. Prior to this, people have been enjoying technologies like the telephone and SMS for social interactions.

Changes in Telecom Technology

Advancements in telecommunications have greatly changed the world. Before, people were isolated in the society that they were in, shut off from whatever is happening in other places. Today, we can now see in various ways things that are occurring on the other side of the world in real time. It has kept the entire world connected with clear voices and pictures. It surely has come a long way from the smoke signals once used.

Telecom technology has not only helped us with communication. It has also hastened the process of actually sending information so that they reach their recipients in only a short period of time. Without them, transmitting message to the other side of world can take days and even months. It has come to a point that this technology has also affected how businesses work. It has brought several businesses including telecom marketing ways to improve not only the efficiency of their work flow but also how they make business to their clients.

There seems to be a direct relationship with telecom technology and the progress of the world: the faster communication is, the faster is the world’s progress. Without the modern devices that we use today to communicate, society would most likely slow down in progress and we will all probably go back to that time when people merely interact with the ones in their immediate vicinity.

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