Top 5: Items For Every Men’s Winter Wardrobe


Winter Fashions

Winter is traditionally the time of year when even the most fashion conscious men slip into bad habits, and function becomes the lead factor in what we wear. Ditch that attitude for the upcoming winter: keep warm and look amazing at all times with our top 5 fashion items all men should have in their winter wardrobe.

Warm Cardigan

One of the most durable garments with great flexibility in terms of how to wear it is the cardigan. Trends from four years ago, when heavy knit cardigans proved more popular than jumpers for fashion conscious men, are set to be repeated during winter 2012. To get the most wear from your cardigan, go for a black or navy blue colour, so it can be worn at work or with jeans during your “me time.”

It might also be worth investing in a slightly cheaper option to leave at work, particularly with the weather being so unpredictable in winter.

A Comfortable Raincoat

Something of a given for all men in winter, go for style and use your raincoat for just that this year. Go for a thin, easy to wear number that you can easily wear over the top of your cardigan, layer up as much as you can instead of wearing one thicker layer on the top. Go for a classic belted jacket, with as much or as little detail as you like.

Quilted Blazers

You know those jackets with a bit of a stitch pattern on the outside and look a little like a horseriding jacket? Then you know what a quilted blazer is. Disregard whatever you have heard or may believe about these being strictly “chav chic.” They are fashionable in a big way, and any men wanting to look like fashion gods should have one of these for which to build a winter look.

Relaxed Fit Jeans

Skinny jeans are dead; long live the styles that actually allow you to move about and your legs to breathe! Not quite as memorable as other taglines, but you get the idea. Go for a more relaxed fit this winter, they will leave you comfortable, looking great, and with the ability to move quickly should the rain or the snow come unexpectedly.


Take your accessories to another level this winter, and be one of the leading men in fashion this winter by matching up all of your accessories. If you cannot find matching patterns, or your daring doesn’t go that far, then go for autumnal colours, such as deep yellows, reds, and oranges in your accessory range.

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