What Can We Learn From CES 2011?


What Can We Learn From CES 2011

Tablets, Smartphone’s, 3D TV and so many others. Major electronics manufacturers have unveiled their latest products recently at CES in Las Vegas. With the exception of Apple, which doesn’t take part in the show?

Early each year, the Consumer Electronics Show offers a boost of spirit in the consumer electronics market. The CES 2011 in Las Vegas may not show us significant revolutions. But it still promises several interesting technologies, which are still in their infancy in 2010, but now have matured. Here’s what can be learned from this show.


What Can We Learn From CES 2011

The iPad has reigned supreme in 2010. The competition will be tougher this year as a flood of tablets from several manufacturers will hit the market. Asus has resurrected the use of stylus to more accurately draw and write on the touch screen without using your finger. Samsung has added a slide-out keyboard on its Windows 7 laptops. These two stars of the show, however, still offer classic designs. Research in Motion (RIM) showcased its BlackBerry Playbook in detail. Powerful and robust, capable of recording video in high definition and with a good battery life, the Motorola Xoom also seduces many visitors.


What Can We Learn From CES 2011

If you visited CES 2011, everywhere you looked, you would see an Android device. LG Optimus Revolution, Motorola Atrix and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, will all use Google’s OS, which already surpassed the iOS in the U.S. market. This Android tidal wave is not about to stop. To better compete with the iPad, the next version of Android 3.0, called Honeycomb, is specially adapted to the tablets. The LG G-Slateand Motorola Xoom will be the first to benefit from the new Android. Many others will follow.


What Can We Learn From CES 2011

In 2010, Google has expanded its influence on the television market. Equipments compatible with Google TV had a strong presence at the show. Manufacturers, such as Panasonic, who have long battled over the slimness of the displays, however, now begin to rely heavily on online TVs with video-on demand and stores applications. The 3D TVs are also showcased in CES. LG’s displays promises better contrast, which will be easier on the eyes. Sony and Toshiba, introduce their glassless 3D TV prototypes, which are promising but not ready for the market yet.


What Can We Learn From CES 2011

In CES, Samsung’s laptops are praised for its design and technical features. Computer manufacturers are increasingly struggling to find their place among the shelves and next to the smartphones, which are becoming more powerful with dual-core chips (the Nvidia Tegra 2, for example). For example, when connected to a monitor, a new mobile phone from Motorola, the Atrix 4G, may act like a desktop computer. Microsoft announced that it will adapt its Windows system to the ARM architecture, an already common platform in portable devices.


What Can We Learn From CES 2011

While manufacturers are showcasing the products in CES, Apple is absent from the show again. Even so, its products seem to have a strong influence on CES, while the next versions of iPhone and iPad, are still regarded as references in technology market. Apple still remains the most talked about company in tech blogs and social networks.

The Motorola Xoom

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