What Are The Best 3D Software?


3D Animation software industry is growing at a rapid pace and more and more 3D animations software are coming in the market to offer different features and fulfill all the needs of 3D animation designers. 3D characters are being used in almost all the fields and you cannot imagine your lire without these animations these days. From billboard advertising to movies and kids cartoons, everything is using some sort of 3D animation software to create that eye catching and attention grabbing animations that people could not even dream of few years back.

Corporations use animation to create their corporate profiles and business presentations to enhance their outlook and make them appear as a professional in the eyes of their potential clients. There are various animations software available in the market, which you can use to create those “high in demand” animations, but first you have to select one that fulfills all your requirements and provide you with all the latest and cutting edge features.

In this article we are going to discuss 3 of the top 3D animation software that are proven to be the best in the market.

  • ZBrush:
    Zbrush is the market leader of digital programs used for developing amazing animations with sculpting and extraordinary paintings. This software has almost all the latest tools that any digital artist and animation expert would require. The amount of features that this software has is outstanding and its usability makes it a perfect choice for both the beginners and expert artists. Some of its popular features are LightCap, CurveMode and Geometry, have made ZBrush one of the key ingredients in everyone’s arsenal and creativity tools. Many of the popular games and movies have used ZBrush to give visual effects on various occasions. In addition to providing easy tools to create extensive animations, this tool also helps bringing out inner creative sense of the artist which makes him/her a better artist as the time progresses.
  • MudBox:
    MudBox is also a very popular 3D sculpting software which provides the options of creating astonishing animations and visual effects that amazes the audience. According the MudBox, they offer users the production-ready art work in 3D to save the time and money usually spent on technical details. Its key feature is its extensive set of stencils and brushes that make it easy to create very realistic visual effects. Time that it saves for businesses is the core reason why companies prefer MuDbox over others in the market, as saving the time is critical in many businesses.
  • Modo:
    Modo is considered as an All-In-One solution to most of the 3D animation requirements of business and 3D artists. Features like Render Farm make it a preferable choice for many. Modo does not offer all of the basic tools that you will find in most of the 3D animation software, but it combines most of these basic tools using Tool Pipe. Also the option of Progressive Preview Render makes it standout of the crowd.

Above list of 3D animation software is by no means complete; you can find tons of other software as well in the market. We have just discussed 3 that we have massive experience with and consider to be the best in the market.

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Romain Lemenorel is a technology blogger who loves to write amazing articles on technology and gadgets, he is also a expert in 3d designing and uses render farm vray to create amazing graphics.

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  1. this information is incorrect, Zbrush and Mudbox are programs for digital sculpting and have no animation features whatsoever, Modo only offers modeling and rendering, the top 3 animation softwares are 3d studio max, Maya, XSI

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