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Call sheets are the informational documents distributed to the cast and crew members of film productions to tell them about the details of that day’s shoot. Most call sheets include important information such as the duties and responsibilities of each person, the contact information for the most important individuals, the shooting schedule for the day, the scenes out of the script that are going to be shot, plus the location of the shoot. Less important but still included information includes but is not limited to safety instructions, means of transportation to the shoot, plus logistical details such as local amenities and weather conditions for the day.

Today, the societal adoption of smart phones is in the process of making printed call sheets obsolete in preference for digital copies. Smart phone users can create call sheets using special apps installed on their phones, make changes as they find them necessary, and then send electronic copies of the revised document to the relevant people rather than needing to print the call sheets.

Benefits to Using Call Sheet Apps

A call sheet app can help out both call sheet organization and call sheet distribution. Smart phone users have access to the call sheet tool so long as they have access to their phones, meaning that they can open the app to make changes as the thought occurs to them instead of needing to rush home to their desktop computers. Furthermore, the portability of smart phones ensure that users will retain this ability anytime and anywhere they choose to go. Similarly, a call sheet app with good design will help speed up the pace of the user’s efforts, smoothing and tightening both the creation and revision processes with automated features and fill-in details.

Call sheet apps possess one last convenience in distribution that traditional methods cannot hope to match. Sending out electronic copies of the revised document is as simple as attaching the file to an email and then sending an email to all the people that need the call sheets. In contrast, getting paper copies to the end users requires printing the documents and then finding the users to hand them the documents, burdening the schedule and making it harder to get word out about last-minute changes.

Doddleme Call Sheet App

Doddle created, maintains, and sells one example of a call sheet app. Using it, smart phone users can create and upload copies to the Internet before accessing them using other computing devices. Furthermore, the Doddleme call sheet app lets its users update information about emergencies and weather conditions in an instant, send personal messages to individuals listed on the call sheets for the facilitation of communication, and customize the call sheets by using photos and other images. Doddleme’s call sheet app is available for not only Android and Apple products, but also on desktop computers.

Other Call Sheet App Examples

Of course, the Doddleme call sheet app is not the only example out there. Similar products exist for both Android and the iPhone. For example, Pocket Call Sheet is a call sheet tool available for both iPhones and iPads.

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