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Web Design Techniques for Search Engine Optimization


Search engine Optimization (SEOs):

One of the main aims of a website is to get itself ranked as high on search engine listings as possible. This process of making your website more known to people by increasing its chances of coming up in a search result is called Search Engine Optimizing (SEO). There are a number of ways to increase your search engine ranking such as:

  • Paying search engines
  • Creating backlinks
  • Web design

Of the above mentioned SEOs, the first one is pretty self-explanatory where the web page pays search engines to get itself ranked higher. The second that is creating backlinks increases traffic to your web page making it more popular and getting it high ranked. However for these two methods (and all others as well) to be effective to the maximum, Web design is a very important factor.

Importance of Web Design:

Web design is perhaps one of the most important factors that the administrator of a web page must keep in mind. Web design is basically not only the graphical appearance of the web page but is also the entire coding of the web design as well. Following are some of the reasons why web designing is so important for your website:

  1. One of the main things to be kept in mind when designing a website is that there should be easy and excellent navigational options on your website that will allow people to work their way around the site and look around with ease. This is important as difficulty or inability to find your way through the website will frustrate the web traffic, hence eventually reducing the ranking on search engines.
  2. Another thing that a person should keep in mind is that the pages of his website are designed the same way throughout. Having different designs will result in people thinking that the page is from another website, hence making them move to other websites can reduce your eventual traffic. This reduction in traffic leads to your website falling on the search engine rankings.
  3. Another important thing while web designing to be kept in mind is that the codes should be properly written and users shouldn’t need to go deep to reach the point or page which they are trying to reach. This will result in the fall of your traffic and going deep is more tedious job as compared to finding what you want on the first page. Due to this reason, people would prefer those other websites to your page hence reducing traffic and in turn resulting in a fall of your search engine ranking.


Thus we saw some of the ways in which the web design techniques of search engine optimization lead to a fair amount of increase in your web traffic, making it a very important SEO technique. Therefore when one launches a new website, it is important to not only adopt other SEO methods but also adopt the web designing method alongside them.

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