Ways Tech Can Boost Your Dealership’s Performance


If you run an auto dealership, you know that it can be difficult at times to get customers to come to your business. As famously chronicled on NPR’s This American Life, the stakes for auto dealerships to meet their monthly quotas can be incredibly high, especially if they’re interested in getting a manufacturer’s bonus.

Ways Tech Can Boost Your Dealership's Performance

A lot has changed since NPR first ran that story in 2013, however, with technology offering different ways to boost your dealership’s performance. From ways to source new vehicles to tools to maximize how you manage customer data and revenue performance, here are just some of the types of tech you should think about using in your dealership.

Find an all-in-one Software Solution to help your Dealership grow.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for any business to use more than a few software platforms in order to run. However, have you ever stopped to consider whether or not that’s the most efficient way of doing things? Training people for multiple pieces of software takes up time and makes it harder to onboard new members of your dealership’s team. An all-in-one platform like Manobyte can streamline many aspects of your business, ultimately making it easier for everyone to be on the same page.

One place Manobyte really shines for dealerships is in sales and performance. With revenue performance management tools, it’s easier than ever for your dealership to access analytics that help you improve your sales strategies and marketing approach. By gaining in-depth insight into your sales cycle, you’ll be able to leverage what’s working and improve in the necessary areas to really boost performance.

Speaking of performance, with integrated CRM, or customer relationship management, tools, you’ll also be able to get to know your customers better. This can translate to your sales team not missing the opportunity to capitalize on important leads, whether it’s somebody that’s visited your dealership’s website and requested more information or someone who came in “just to browse.” CRM systems are more than just databases of data, and Manobyte can help you automate different tasks so that it’s simple to remember when to follow up with different customers. This is especially helpful if you lease a lot of vehicles and have to follow up with customers at the end of their lease terms.

Keep your used Cars running with spare parts from Salvage Auctions.

If you have a lot of used vehicles, you may find yourself needing to perform some maintenance from time to time. This is especially common if you’re taking in others’ cars as trade-in collateral and may need to fix them up a little before you put them in your car lot. Thankfully, an online vehicle auction makes it easier than ever to get great prices on a huge selection of vehicles.

A salvage auto auction could be particularly useful, especially if the salvage title has more to do with damage from an accident than something like a flood that could ruin all manner of mechanical components. As long as you have a mechanic you trust, sourcing salvage parts to fix up your used vehicles can maximize their profitability while reducing costs to you.

Use Email Marketing to your Advantage.

Even with so many other forms of social media available to internet users, permission-based email marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool. Newsletters and email campaigns leading up to the launch of a new vehicle or a holiday sale are a great way to build buzz about what your dealership is up to. You can do the same with any special financing deals you’re offering. At its heart, email marketing is an incredibly inexpensive way to get the word out about your dealership, so be sure to harness it!

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