Top iPhone 5 Apps For for Commuters


Getting to work needn’t be a joyless trudge. Turn your daily slog into an extension of the weekend with our digital travel survival pack. You’ll never pull a sickie again… you can also visit for more reviews of best iphone 5 apps.


Sure, there’s something reassuring about scrawling to-do lists on the back of a receipt as your train lurches towards town. But with Any.DO you can drag and drop your plans, order them by date, or even share to-do lists. Voice recognition makes it a snip to convert your plans for the day into text.

Alien Breed

Make like it’s 1991 with this top-down Amiga shooter. Built and enhanced for iOS by the original developers, a ‘classic’ mode loads up the original graphics too. The shoot-everything gameplay is ideal for commuting, and blowing away swathes of aliens really gets you in the mood for morning meetings.


‘It’s not a race’, mutter your fellow cycling commuters as you whizz past them. It is now, thanks to Strava. The app uses your phone’s GPS to measure your pace, distance and elevation. Then it records your ride against virtual checkpoints and ranks you against others. Awards await the Wigginses of each route.

Pocket Casts

If you like having a podcast library tidier than Patrick Bateman’s wardrobe, make sure to trouser Pocket Casts. Along with active bookmarking and push notifications for new episodes, it also cleans up older files to declog your phone. An excellent search keeps you up to speed on new shows, too.


Staring out of the train window at supermarkets whizzing by is usually preferable to ‘project management’, but the beautifully designed Trello makes it easy. Its virtual bulletin board contains ‘cards’ that bring together tasks, thoughts and checklists your whole team can edit on the fly.


If your colleagues think your ‘late’ trains are just an excuse, prove them wrong with this location-sharer which can send private Google Maps data via email, text, or social media. Choose which bit of your journey to share, if you’d rather not reveal you’ve just slept in a bus station.

Paper by FiftyThree

Rather than squandering your train journey on free newspapers, unleash your latent creativity with this sketchbook. An elegant interface begs you to fill its virtual pages with ideas or sketches, while in-app extras such as new pens turn your doodlings into promotion-getting art.


Public transport delays can strike down even the best-prepared commuter. Luckily, you’ll be able to slip away from your hapless comrades in a private car with Uber. Like Hailo’s black cab service, you link a card with your account, request a driver and watch him come to your rescue live on a Google Map.

Google Currents

You’re clearly too much of a magazine connoisseur to ever ditch print, but sometimes we all need a hit of digital immediacy. Currents combines both, turning dull web pages into sharp magazine issues. It’ll also turn your Google Reader feeds into magazine pages, for extra-pretty RSS content.

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