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Top 7 Twitter Tracking Tools


The development of tracking tools that have been created for Twitter users is plentiful, due to the fact that within such a short period of time millions of people adapted to the application to keep in contact with friends, co-workers, and colleagues. Although there are several tools to choose from that will help you to keep track of your Twitter activity, there are only a select few that are highly recommended.

Below you will find a summary of the top 7 Twitter tracking tools that will help you to stay up to date with your friends and the people that are following you. Take a look and read about each one to determine which of the 7 would be the best tool for helping you to stay updated with what your friends and followers are doing.


TwitterKarma is a tracking tool that has been won over by many users because of the simple interface and design that it acquires. You can categorize your friends and your followers in many different ways to customize your settings. Some of the things that you are able to do with this tool include choosing to follow or unfollow your friends easily.


FriendOrFollow is another useful tool that you might find handy. You will see a nice organized interface of your friends and those that are following you on Twitter. Find the people that you follow and those that are following you fast with this tool. Another feature that you might find handy with this tool is the capability to see who the top 100 people are that are followed on your list.


People that are true Twitter addicts might find this tool rather nifty and helpful. If you spend a lot of time on Twitter and you have lots of followers, friends, etc. on Twitter, then this just might be the tool for you. Not only can you view the followers and friends that you have listed, but you can also see who befriends or follows your followers and friends.

Here is a generalized list of some of the features that this tool includes:

  • Manage your friends and followers
  • Categorize people depending upon your relationship with them
  • Sort by importance
  • Explore the Twitter Social Graph
  • Filter out Users that are Irrelevant
  • Organize those that you follow, unfollow, or have blocked
  • Lock relationships


If you like to do everything manually then this is probably the right tool for you. Label your followers and your friends manually using Twittangle. You can form different groups and categorize them to better keep track of those that you follow with this app.


This is one of the best apps that you can use for the purpose of sorting your followers. There are two columns known as buckets that will process all of your followers. If you don’t wish to follow some of your followers back you can choose to put them in an ignore state.


For a statistical point of view, you might try this app. Graphs are used to show the history of people that have followed you and those that have stopped following you on Twitter. Filter your friends and followers with the use of keyword optimization.


An app that is known for geeks; this one uses the process of math equations to filter out who real life followers are from the bots.

There are so many options for Twitter tracking tools – which do you use and why?

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