Lighten Your Pockets With jimmyCASE


Smartphones come with a whole lot of decisions involved – brand, model, color, storage space, techie bits, etc. As your constant companion, the smartphone also makes you think when you are buying wallets, handbags, even clothes. Does the handbag have an inner pocket or a more convenient outer pocket for your phone? Are the pockets of your new cargo pants wide/deep enough for you to walk around without worrying about your prized possession falling out? Do your wallet and smartphone look nice together? Do they fit in their designated spaces together?

Lighten Your Pockets With jimmyCASE

Turns out cars aren’t the only hybrids out there! A jimmyCASE is the perfect solution for those who are tired of carrying too much in their back pockets and like to follow Baloo the Bear’s “Bare Necessities” rule – a phone cover that can also carry most of the contents of your wallet without creating an unsightly bulge. Convenient, stylish and handy! The jimmyCASE will de-clutter your life and give you quick access to the items you use most frequently from your wallet.

jimmyCASE offers wallet cases for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Usual wallet cases come with flaps which are quite irritating when you are trying to talk on the phone or use the back camera. jimmyCASE does away with all that hassle with elastic pockets that can stretch to accommodate credit cards, ID cards, money etc. The elastic is custom woven and lasts long without losing its stretch.

Lighten Your Pockets With jimmyCASE

What’s So Special About the jimmyCASE?

These unique cases are hand assembled at a factory located in East LA using high quality, handpicked materials. The case consists of a wooden mahogany core giving it an extra strength while still keeping it lightweight. Frame protection is provided by a silicone bumper that runs all the way around the phone. That’s not all! If you want one made just for you, jimmyCASE offers customized iPhone cases where you get to choose the type of wood, the color of the bumper and the shade of the elastic fabric. All jimmyCASE products can hold up to 6 credit cards (and cash if you’re looking to spend more than what 6 cards can get) and the shipping is free worldwide. The front screen is protected by a special “lay on the table” technology which is a big help with iPhone screens that have a reputation for cracking easily.

Latest Products:

  1. iPhone 6/6S Wallet Credit Card Case

Priced at $39, this latest jimmyCASE comes in 10 different colors. The custom case is an additional $10 and you can choose between black and white bumpers, dark mahogany or light basswood, and 9 colors for the fabric.

  1. iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus Wallet Credit Card CaseLighten Your Pockets With jimmyCASE

Designed for a large 5.5inch screen, the iPhone 6 Plus wallet case is priced at $49 and is available in 9 different colors. The customized versions will set you back by $59, but you get to choose the bumper color and the wood. Custom models are also available in 9 colors.

  1. Wood iPhone 6/6S CasejimmyCASE Press 5

Made from real mahogany and with the usual bumper color choice of black and white, this is a real bargain at $29.

jimmyCASE iphone wallet case is also available for iPhone 5/5S, 5C, and 4/4S models. And last but not the least, the Samsung Galaxy S4 wallet case costs $39 and comes in 7 different color combinations.

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